Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Hawks Defend Their Nest

Saint Joseph’s Hawks had their backs up against the wall after the worst loss in history. They rebounded with a win against Vermont after a devastating 52 point loss against Gonzaga. It was a team effort, but Isiah Miles led it with his corner threes. The team is setup for Isiah Miles to be the three point shooter. If Miles is consistent with his outside of shots, the team can find success. When Miles fills the three point role, it will take the pressure away from DeAndre Bembry. Miles production helped to propel the Hawks to an 8 point victory and if it continues they can be contenders moving forward.

The Hawks created turnovers with their pressure inside the arc. It proved that they know how to defend any pass within the perimeter. St. Joe’s excels attacking off a break-away. Even though Aaron Brown did not play his best against Vermont, he still impacted the game by taking on the bigger forwards and defending the perimeter well. They executed high pace counter attacks that led to points for each player. This helped SJU to easily surpass their points per game of 50.3. The Hawks defense controlled the entire game after the first five minutes.
Unlike Miles, James Demery and DeAndre Bembry’s role is running along the sidelines and attacking the basket. The team plays their best when they are flying down along the sidelines. They were able to play that style of basketball in the second half. Bembry looked comfortable for the first time this season being the team’s number one shooter and being guarded by the opposing teams best defender. It is possible for Bembry to be the top scorer on the team; however it is appears unlikely that number 43 will not consistently be the top scorer. The Hawks can contend with the top teams in the A-10 if each player is on the top of their game and playing together.

Moving forward they must stay focused, which might be difficult for a young team to do. Watching SJU grow their lead, you can tell that the team was gaining confidence. They began the game down 11-1 and then came back as they were building character and identity. The Hawks did not look back after gaining the lead going into halftime. However, they were not able to put away Vermont as they were always within ten. The young and now .500 hawks should not get too comfortable with their success against Vermont, and keep the pressure on the opposition. Let us hope we will see Bembry and company put LIU Brooklyn away in their upcoming game Tuesday November 25th at 7PM at Hagan. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Suxers

Together we build… that’s the Sixers saying this season. However, the real saying is “Together fans wait, as the Sixers profit.” That’s right people if you haven’t realized it yet Sam Hinkie doesn’t care about building a championship winner, nor does he care about putting a good team on the court. All Hinkie and the rest of his boys care about is making the almighty profit. The Sixers organization has become a money hungry team that for all we know may be leaving the Philadelphia area in a few years. The Sixers or should we call them the Suxers have embarrassed themselves on the court every game this season, but Hinkie keeps stating they have a plan.

Though Brett Brown is the protégé of Gregg Popovich and seems to have the capability to actually coach in the NBA and lead the team to a championship one, it may not come for a few years. Like I previously stated, the only thing on the mind of the Sixers is to profit from the revenue sharing and TV contracts the NBA is providing them. They don’t care about fans coming to the games or providing Brown with a team capable of winning a game this season. This team has truly embarrassed themselves almost every game they have played this season, and I don’t see any letting up in the near future. It has come apparent that Brett Brown understands this and that he understands that he will be here when this team has the opportunity to win it all in the future.

So fans as the Sixers have been handed their 10th loss of the season, don’t expect anything else. The team has to face some decent teams in their upcoming games. Even if they have a chance to win any of their upcoming games, they will choose not to. The Sixers don’t want to win any of these games; they want the opportunity to once again get that top pick. Sixers do not be surprised if the Sixers decide to trade Nerlens for an opportunity for another good pick. Noel has not performed to the ability many people were expecting, and with the draft containing tons of strong, talent Power Forwards, Nerlens time may be up before it began. The Sixers, this season will end up with two picks in the top ten this season, and you can quote me on that. So… Sixers fans “Just, Keep, Waiting…”

Phil Sticking to his Hawks

As we start every blog post, Saint Joseph’s Hawks lost three starting seniors that were good, strong NCAA basketball players. The three players Galloway, Kanacevic, and Roberts were also three of the top twenty players in the Atlantic-10.

The Hawks have played two games so far Fairleigh Dickinson and at Drexel. After the Hawks season opening loss, Hawks fans began to question the team’s ability to score. Even though there has been some moments of brilliance and excellent play. In Monday’s game against Drexel, it became apparent that the Hawks did not actually win the game, however Drexel lost it. Drexel turned the ball over and allowed the Hawks to get a lead. The Hawks held on with freshman PG Shavar Newkirk stepping up and making both free throws.  Demery, the other freshmen stepped up scoring 12 points. Accompanying Demery at the wing guard position, Bembry scored 13 points. Together they accounted for 25 out of the 54 points to beat Drexel Dragons by three. Though the freshman played much better this game, it is apparent that Drexel another team that is not tops of its league was able to contain the scorers on the Hawks. This should now be a worrisome feature on St. Joe’s offense; due to the fact FDU and Drexel were able to contain players like Bembry and Demery. St. Joe’s truly did not play a good game in either of its first two; however the team is still 1-1.

Coach Phil Martelli has decided to stick with his strategy from the beginning of the season, and the team seems to be on the right track. Many thought that Phil may give up on his freshman early and allow Evan Maschmeyer more time, but he stuck with his guns. Phil is learning what the team can and cannot do; he is observing the potential that they have. Even though they played another close game, it has become apparent that this team will need to find its stride and come together. The Hawks have a lot of untapped potential, and if they put it all together they will be able to compete. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Changes for Drexel

After a tough loss to FDU, Hawks fans are starting to get worried. St. Joe’s plays Monday against Drexel and concerns should not be too high. The Drexel Dragons are considered the worst team in the “City Six”. Sju just needs to bring everything together and pull off an easy win. A win would help the Hawks to gain their confidence back. It became apparent during last game that this team was truly lacking confidence, and it looked as though Phil could not get them to believe in themselves during the game. St. Joes’ clearly has the talent to compete in this league; Phil just needs to get it out of them. 

Looking towards this game Hawk fans should be looking for a few things to be different in this game. First, Miles will not shoot the ball as much as he did the first game. Even though Miles did have a double-double in the first game of the season, these numbers lie about his real performance. Although Miles was productive, he shot the ball too much. Miles’ job should be to be the clean-up guy, kind of like what Halil did. He needs to score off rebounds due to the fact this is where he is most productive. Additionally, look for Evan to get even more minutes this game. In the first game, Evan played twelve impactful minutes at the guard position. It is apparent that both Demery and Shavar, are not ready to take control of the starting role. Both players struggled on the court taking bad shots and making huge foul mistakes. The pace of the game seemed to be a bit too much for Demery. From the buzz that we heard out of practice, that was not the case. Both of the freshmen that received playing time should not start. Moreover, Demery is likely lost his starting wing position, opposite of Bembry. The last thing to look for in this game against Drexel is Aaron Brown starting. Brown plays with energy and intensity that will be rub-off on the rest of the team. Aaron proved to not only SJU fans but himself that he deserves to be starting. The guy is not only super athletic, but he plays unbelievable defense and can provide some relief to DeAndre. 

Coming into this season many thought that the Hawks had an opportunity to start the season at least 2-0 before going to Gonzaga, however that will not be happening. This team can clearly compete due to the fact that on paper they have one of the best players in the A-10 in DeAndre Bembry. However, it looked like DeAndre felt some pressure in game one of the season.  This team will get it together and will be contenders in the A-10 this season, and against this Drexel team look for the starting lineup to become more stable and older. The lineup should be Chris, Evan, DeAndre, Brown, and Miles, with Javon coming up with some valuable minutes off the bench. This team has the talent to compete even though they lost their three main seniors last season.

The Hawk Will Never Die


Saturday, November 15, 2014

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