Monday, March 28, 2016

Thank You!

As March Madness is winding down, we first want to say congratulations to our friends down Lancaster Ave. Villanova. It has been an amazing season for Jay Wright and his Wildcats, and we wish them all the best. Now that the Hawks season is over, it is time to reflect. Many called this most exciting time on Hawk Hill since the team went undefeated. I could not agree more with that statement. Not only did Phil Martelli’s crew exceed expectations in the win column, but they also made their own little run in March. We can truly tip our caps to a magical season for SJU.

Whether or not DeAndre Bembry stays on Hawk Hill is in the back of everyone’s mind. Bembry led the Hawks to one of the best seasons around for a player and a team. Nobody expected the A-10 POY to actually take his team to the tournament. As most would agree Bemby is the best player in the A-10, however there were questions about his ability to get his team to win. After this season, those questions were thrown to the wayside. Bembry with help from his senior teammates; Miles, Brown, and Papa gave Hawk Hill what they needed. Besides the great play by Bembry, the seniors truly stepped up their game. Whether it was Papa’s amazing performance in the A-10 tournament or Miles big 3 against Cincinnati, the team was always ready to play. Every single one of the players on SJU needs to hold their heads up high, they provided the excitement that has been missing from Hawk Hill.

For a senior getting ready to graduate, I thank the Hawks for making my final year on Hawk Hill exciting. Over four years I saw some heartbreaking moments by this team, but this season was different. Every single moment on the court was exciting to watch. Though I do wish the Hawks were able to pull off a miracle against Oregon, I can say they impressed a lot of people. I will say this a lot of people are saying even if DeAndre stays the team won’t have a good season next year. I disagree, this team can and will make a run next season. Just wait and watch Captain Bembry lead his team to victory once more.     



Friday, March 18, 2016

Hawks - March Madness Preview - - s6e5 3.18.16

As the Hawks are heading into the March Madness, hear a former player from the undefeated team thoughts on this year's team and the play by play announcer preview the game. All leading up to the game against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Chet Stachitas - Former Hawks F 03-04 season

Matt Martucci - Hawks Radio Play by Play Announcer 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saint Joseph's University it is time to dance!

Saint Joseph’s University is dancing once again! The Hawks flew through the competition at the A-10 Tourney, to take it all! Now the A-10 Champs have their biggest challenge ahead and that is in the form of the Bearcats! The Hawks had a dominating performance against VCU to finish up the A-10 Tournament. Now the A-10 Player of the Year DeAndre Bembry looks to take the Hawks to dance further this March!

The Hawks veteran stars DeAndre Bembry and Isaiah Miles led the St. Joe’s to victory, combining for 56 of the Hawks 87pts. It was a truly a group effort from the Hawks, one strong play after another was made by their players. Throughout the game there were several memorable moments whether it be Papa screaming at the refs or DeAndre’s exclamation point dunk, it was truly a great game. The Hawks showed the world that they are a strong team on both sides of the ball, and are beginning to get the attention they deserve.

The Hawks hope to make a long run this March starting in Spokane against Cincinnati. The 8 seed Hawks have a lot of work ahead of them, but if they want to compete they need to keep the offense hot. If Bembry and Miles can keep the team running at full throttle they can compete, and they can win. The Hawks have a lot of potential and hopefully our dance lasts longer than last time!




Up Next the Rams for the Chip

George Washington for the First Fight
Going into the Atlantic 10 tournament, the Saint Joseph’s Hawks were on a two game losing streak; something that they have never done prior. The Hawks were able to overcome a 16 point deficit by the whole team contributing. There were no nerves being down by 14 with starting the second half. GW could not sustain the 68% 3 point shooting that they had in the first half. St. Joe’s defense improved, and the offense was able to drive the ball to the basket to a 80-86 win.

Down go the Flyers
Even though Bembry had a quiet game, other players like Papa and James Demery stepped up to push the Hawks to a 82 – 79 victory. After taking a seven-point lead at halftime, St. Joseph's extended it to an 11-point lead midway through the second half. Dayton’s press defense late in the game was hard for SJU to handle, but the Hawks team shot an astounding 88% from the foul line. Papa Ndao had a tremendous game; making his shots when it mattered most. This marks the second time the Hawks beat Dayton this season, so there is no discussion that they only won previously because of Hagan’s being insanely loud.

The Friendly Enemy in the Final
SJU was on a 7 game winning streak before they lost to VCU Rams 82 to 85 in Hagan Arena for the second game of conference play and their first home game of conference play. What hurt the Hawks the most was not making the foul shots late in the game, with being 46%. It was definitely the most devastating loss of the season.

3 Keys to Win the Chip
1.      Limit the Turnovers
Shavar Newkirk and Lamarr Kimble are a tremendous point guard duo because they complement one another’s skills. While Kimble is a much more of a true PG, Newkirk has great north/south speed. Where the point guard position has troubled the Hawks is with turning the ball over 9 times. The mistakes need to be limited; and most importantly maintain possession.

2.      Strength in Numbers
Without a doubt, the main reason why the Hawks are able to make it this far in the tournament, and were able to play so competitively is their depth. Their depth developed throughout the season, and it is continuing to grow even further. With Miles and Bembry being the team’s anchors on the court, they need to be assisted by a player stepping up behind the arc.

3.      Don’t Back Down
No matter what happened throughout the season,  this year’s team was able to sustain themselves. No deficit was too much for them to prevent them from fighting. Since, VCU has size, if the lanes open up because it will end up being an easy victory for the Rams.Saint Joseph's cannot be intimidated by their size. It will be a huge help if St. Joe's is able to move the ball quickly early down the court because their athleticism can trump VCU's size.

The Hawk Will Never Die
Saint Joseph’s won the Atlantic 10 championship when they were a four seed two years ago; and now as a four seed again, they are in the finals. St. Joe’s will play against the defending A10 champions for a chance to reclaim the title. The Rams and Hawks did not get to play each other twice during the season, but they will play each other in the conference championship at 12:30 on CBSSN. 

- Pants


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Award Winning Hawks

The Hawks have not played good basketball in their last few games.  The A-10 Tournament starts for the Hawks on Friday, and if they want to play in late March they need to turn things around. Though the Hawks have struggled of late, they have got some bright news in the category of awards. The Hawks took away three A-10 awards, and fans could not be happier.

A-10 Player of the Year DeAndre Bembry
Talk about a sweep for DeAndre Bembry: First Team All-Conference, All-Defensive Team, and A-10 Player of the Year. Obviously going into the season everyone knew DeAndre Bembry had a chance to win POY. However, no one thought it would be possible after the Hawks terrible season prior. But, Bembry’s amazing play helped carry the Hawks to their great season. A lot of people will say that Bembry was not deserving of the award and that the only reason he won it was the raise his draft stock. But, I disagree with those thoughts. Yes, there were better scorers in the league, and yes there were better distributors in the A-10. Though there are better players than Bembry in different areas, nobody made a bigger difference for a team than Bembry. DeAndre was a changer every time he stepped on the court, and any coach will agree that he was extremely deserving of the award. There were several great players this year but DeAndre had a very special season.

Most Improved Player Isaiah Miles
There is no player in the Atlantic 10 more deserving of this award than Miles. Isaiah Miles completely changed his game this season. He not only lost a ton of weight prior to the season, but he improved his shot and his inside game. Athleticism was a big issue for Miles over the last few years and is what Miles was able to change about his game. Miles averaged 18 ppg and 8.1 rebounds. What we saw from him every game was unbelievable. Every coach in the A-10 would agree that if it was not for Miles SJU may never of had the season they did. Due to his play this season, we may see Isaiah Miles at an NBA tryout this summer! 

All Rookie Team Lamarr Kimble
This freshman took the Atlantic 10 by storm this season. Fresh Kimble came in with the goal to be an asset for the Hawks, and there is no doubt that he did. Coach Martelli throughout the season commented about the value of Kimble and how he improved the team every time he was on the court. There is no doubt that this freshman made a difference every time he played. Kimble averaged 17.6mins per game with 5.9ppg and 2.4asts. Kimble is a bright spot for the Hawks future, and fans expect a lot more from him in the future.

Now let us enjoy some March Madness!!!!