Sunday, September 27, 2015

1/5 of the season predictions!

With the NFL season officially in full swing we have decided to give you a definitive ranking of where we think each team will fall in their division this season and the record they will end up with.

NFC East (Brett)
  1.     Cowboys 10-6
  2.     Giants 9-7
  3.     Eagles 7-9
  4.     Redskins 4-12

NFC East (Pants)
  1.     Eagles 10-6
  2.     Giants 9-7
  3.     Cowboys 8-8
  4.     Redskins 5-11

NFC North (Brett)
  1.     Packers 13-3
  2.     Vikings 10-6
  3.     Lions 8-8
  4.     Bears 7-9

NFC North (Pants)
  1.     Packers 13-3
  2.     Vikings 10-6
  3.     Lions 9-7
  4.     Bears 5-11

NFC South (Brett)
  1.     Panthers 12-4
  2.     Falcons 11-5
  3.     Saints 9-7
  4.     Bucs 7-9

NFC South (Pants)
  1.     Panthers 12-4
  2.     Bucs 9-7
  3.     Falcons 8-8
  4.     Saints 3-13

NFC West (Brett)
  1.      Seahawks 11-5
  2.     Rams 9-7
  3.     Cardinals 9-7
  4.     49ers 8-8

NFC West (Pants)
  1.     Seahawks 12-4
  2.     Cardinals 7-9
  3.     49ers 6-10
  4.     Rams 5-11

AFC East (Brett)
  1.     Patriots 13-3
  2.     Jets 12-4
  3.     Bills 8-8
  4.     Dolphins 7-9

AFC East (Pants)
  1.     Patriots 14-2
  2.     Bills 10-6
  3.     Jets 6-10
  4.     Dolphins 5-11

AFC North (Brett)
  1.     Steelers 12-4
  2.     Bengals 9-7
  3.     Browns 8-8
  4.     Ravens 7-9
AFC North (Pants)
  1.     Browns 10-6
  2.     Bengals 9-7
  3.     Steelers 8-8
  4.     Ravens 7-9

AFC South (Brett)
  1.     Titans 9-7
  2.     Texans 8-8
  3.     Colts 8-8
  4.     Jags 6-10

AFC South (Pants)
  1.     Colts 10-6
  2.     Titans 9-7
  3.     Texans 8-8
  4.     Jags 8-8

AFC West (Brett)
  1.     Broncos 11-5
  2.     Chiefs 10-6
  3.     Raiders 9-7
  4.     Chargers 8-8

AFC West (Pants)
  1.     Broncos 12-4
  2.     Chiefs 10-6
  3.     Chargers 9-7
  4.     Raiders 9-7

-Brett and Pants


Saturday, September 19, 2015

76ers Interviews

Steve Mix Former Sixers Forward -- 1.31.14 10th (3rd) Show

Keith Van Horn Former Sixer SF -- 9.19.14 24th (4th) show

Mike Bantom Former SJU Forward -- 11.10.14

Jeff Ruland Former 76ers Center -- 2.20.15 5th (39th)

Billy Cunningham NBA Hall of Famer and Former 76ers Head Coach and foward/center -- 3.21.15 8th (42th)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

3rd Times The Charm

Even though the Eagles had the same record in the two seasons that Chip Kelly has coached the Philadelphia Eagles of 10-6, they are expected to go into the playoffs with a 12-6 record. Last year, the Eagles two biggest struggles were giving up deep passing plays and turning the ball over. If those two issues are fixed this upcoming season, they can easily be Superbowl contenders.  

When Chip Kelly came to Philadelphia, many football fans thought he would take more chances out on the field. The fans that used to watch the Oregon Ducks play under Kelly are shocked that he has not tried to convert on fourth down more often. In Oregon, Kelly gambled on fourth down more often than he has in Philadelphia. The major difference between Oregon and Philadelphia is that he trusted his defense in Oregon. Throughout the two years Chip has been in Philadelphia he has not trusted his enough to take chances.

If the Eagles do not give up large chunks of yards on one play, Chip will be able to trust his defense. Without giving up large plays, the Eagles head coach will be able to take more chances on fourth down. It is a shock that these large plays were even able to occur because of how many times the Eagles’ defensive line rushed the opposing the quarterback. The blame for giving up big plays on defense last year can be put on the terrible play by the corners. The Eagles had three cornerbacks on the field for more than 55% of the plays, and now they are no longer on the team. Without Boykin, Williams, and Fletcher the Eagles should have a secondary that can complement their strong defensive front. After Philadelphia’s new defense learns how to play together, they will hold their opponents to 24 points.

This season, Mark Sanchez is still on the roster, but at least Nick Foles is not. Sam Bradford is now the Eagles starting quarterback. The only reason he was available for a trade from the St. Louis Rams was because he is returning from his second ACL injury. Each time he gets hit, every Eagles fan and person in the organization will be holding their breath. 

Bradford should have not turn the ball over as much as the Eagles did in 2014 because there will be less pressure put on him. Previous starting quarterbacks under Chip Kelly constantly had the line of scrimmage moved back because they played alongside LeSean McCoy. McCoy would dance around in the backfield, and then be tackled for a loss.  This season, the Eagles have DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews, two running backs that are known for moving the line of scrimmage forward. With the line of scrimmage moving forward instead of backwards, there should be fewer turnovers on offense.

You have to love how unforgiving Chip Kelly is. He is not complacent with the 10-6 record just making or barely missing the playoffs. The Eagles head coach will make any changes. If he does not want a player on the team, the player will no longer be on the team. That is why last year’s first round pick; Marcus Smith has a good chance of getting cut. However, Smith will likely survive because the lack of depth at the outside linebacker position.

It will be shocking if the Eagles do not make the playoffs this year. Going into the season, they are a playoff team, and they have the talent to develop to go even further. The Philadelphia Eagles have a top 5 offense in the league. With the rate that they can score points the Eagles are going to be a team other teams will not want to face. 


Friday, September 4, 2015

Semester 5

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Tyler Brosious - Barstool Philly Writer - Eagles Week 3 - S5E5 (53) 9.25.15 

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