Monday, April 20, 2015

The Biggest Joke in Baseball…

I’ll admit I was optimistic at the start of this season. I thought they would compete. Even though the Phillies on paper are not good, and I knew that they had a terrible season last year, I still had faith. I thought that though the Phillies may look bad, though production may be down on their former stars they can still produce. However, I will now admit after 13 games the 4-9 Phillies are not good nor do they have a bright future. When watching this team there is no doubt that there is nothing special about them, nor do they have any potential.

If you watched any Spring Training games over the past months you would’ve thought that this team might have some potential. That they would not be the second worse team in baseball like Vegas thought. However, now looking at this team that is not true. You know things are bad when the team’s best pitcher is a washed-up Aaron Harang. Who has in reality been the only good starting pitcher on the team. The rest of the starting staff averages over an ERA of 4.00. On the hitting side team is not doing much better. On paper there is only three starters that are batting over .300.  The team does not look good at all at the plate. There is no run support or true offensive production. The three leading hitters are all singles hitters, and they are not producing runs. A team can not win games if they don’t score runs or if they don’t get pitching.

This team has struggled throughout the season so far. They will continue to struggle it seems. It is not fun to watch this team, and if you look around the stadium it seems nobody wants to be there. Though production is coming from the guys in question like Asche, Galvis, and Herrera; do not think that they will produce like this all season. The entire Phillies season is truly in question and this team does not seem to be going in the right direction.



Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chip Chip Hooray for the Dictator

Chip Kelly is now the man in charge in Philadelphia. Whatever he says goes, and do not let him tell you differently. Kelly tries to elude a perception that the personnel decisions are group effort and not just his. The Eagles head coach does listen to other’s input, but he has the final say. Chip is the Kim Jong-Un of football. He was given control of the entire team. He has final say in every decision. 

It is not smart for Chip Kelly to make as large a number of changes as were made this offseason. But Chip could care less. He takes risks, and you cannot be known as a risk taker without being illogical. Kelly is a bias coach. He will do as he pleases until he gets the results that he wants. Moreover, he will take drastic action to get the results. In effect of all of these moves this offseason, it is evident that Chip Kelly wants to win now.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach was trigger happy with making trades. Just like any Dictator, President, or newly appointed CEO if you don’t support him, you are out. Chip Kelly would like each of his players to be like a swiss army knife. Having players that can fill many different roles can help Kelly create mismatches to take advantage of the opposing defense’s weaknesses. The Eagles offense has many weapons to give the ball to. There is not one player that is relied upon. The opposing defense has to account for every position. The Eagle’s wide receivers do not need be superstars; they just need to be a part of the team to move the ball forward.

This is why Chip had LeSean McCoy sent packing. He brought in a more versatile duo of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews. Murray and Matthews are downhill running backs that fight for every yard. They do not dance for yardage like McCoy did. Darren Sproles fits Chip Kelly’s offense perfectly, because of the different roles he fills. It is great to see a return of multi-back attack.

All of the pieces that Chip Kelly acquired this offseason will need to jell together. It will be exciting to watch. Who knows what is to come? That is just part of the excitement of Chip Kelly. The only thing that we do know with Chip Kelly is that he will do what he wants. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Billy Cunningham Interview

Former Philadelphia 76ers head coach and forward/center, Billy Cunningham called into our show.
We discussed how he got into the NBA, his career, and coaching philosophies

Sports and Rants with Brett and Pants - S4E8 42 3.21.15
Broadcast from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Radio 1851 Station

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Philadelphia Flyers Interviews

Bob Kelly Former Flyers Left Wing -- 2.28.14 14th (7th) Show

Jesse Boulerice Former Flyers Protector -- 9.26.14 25th (5th) show

Keith Jones Former Flyer Wing -- 10.3.14 26th (6th) show

Chris Therien Former Flyers Defenseman -- 11.21.14 13th (33th)

Jim Jackson Flyers and Phillies Commentator -- 2.6.15 4th (38th)

Tim Kerr Former Flyers Right Wing -- 2.6.15 4th (38th)

Brian Propp Former Flyers Wing -- 3.6.15 7th (41th)


Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Long Season...

There is no doubt in any SJU fans mind that this season was a tough one to watch. When looking at this team there seemed to be a lack of experience, skill, and confidence. This team struggled throughout the entire season, making mistake after mistake. However, there were some bright spots that prove this team has a future in the A-10 and may be extremely competitive by the end of next season.

DeAndre Bembry
If you ask anyone who watches the A-10 who the best player is, most would agree DeAndre. Even though Bembry played extremely well he did not win A-10 Player of the Year this season. However, as a sophomore he showed much maturity. DeAndre proved time after time that he is the best player not only on the Hawks, but in the league as well. The only issue that Bembry had this season is that he tried too hard, and he tried to do too much. This became most apparent in A-10 tournament. Bembry forced too many shots and tried to do too much defensively. DeAndre is a great player, and will play in the NBA, however as of right now this team is not built around him. This team needs a strong Point Guard and a pure shooter to make DeAndre reach his fullest potential. Bembry’s ability will take this team extremely far in the near future, but as of now it is a waiting game.

Jai Williams
Williams is clearly a player with the most upside on this team, besides Bembry. Even though Jai didn’t not play much this season, every time he was on the court he made an impact. The 6-9 Forward clearly understands the game, and understands how to use his body to score. The main problem with Jai was his conditioning, if he can keep himself in shape he will be a strong presence underneath. Williams already has quick feet and the height needed to be a strong center in the A-10. Jai Williams has proven that he will be a much better presence in the middle then Javon. Look for Jai to get more minutes next season.

James Demery and Isaiah Miles
These two guys were packaged together because showed us some flashes of brilliance throughout the season. However, they were not consistent enough to bring success to the Hawks. If this team wants to become successful, they must have production from these two guys. Miles has a very nice shot and is strong on the inside. However, he needs to shoot better from the field. Demery is a very good wing guard and gets to the rim. But, in some cases he thinks he’s the entire team. These two players need to become more consistent for success to be found on Hawk Hill.

When looking at this season, it was clear that it was lost to start. However, we did get to observe great play from DeAndre. This team has potential, and this team can get to the March Madness Tournament. Hawk fans just need to wait, because by DeAndre’s senior year this team will be great.