Thursday, March 29, 2018

Throwback Thursday!

Paul Bako was a guy most Phillies fans remember as a backup, contact-hitting catcher at the end of his career. But, his career was so much more than that. Bako described everything from his first opening day to his first day with the Phillies. Bako spoke in-depth about the Philadelphia fans and their passion for the game they love. Bako also gave us an idea of why some players after retirement find jobs outside of sports!

Paul Bako - Former MLB Catcher -- 4.12.15 11th (45th)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Albert Haynesworth was definitely one of the biggest characters during his time in the NFL. His antics on and off the field mad for interesting television each and every week. But, the one thing we learned during this interview was the hardwork and regret that goes into an NFL career. Haynesworth touches on things he would have liked to do differently. This was a very humbling interview.

 Albert Haynesworth - Former Titans DT - S5E5 (53) 9.25.15

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Troy Vincent was one of the more notable interviews we had during our time at SJU. Vincent not only was a legend on the field for teams like the Eagles and Bills, but he was also the head of the Player’s Union at the time of this interview. This interview took place during a critical time in the NFL’s history. We were one of the first stations to interview Vincent after the Ray Rice scandal. This interview is an interesting mix of past accomplishments and the future of the NFL.

Troy Vincent Former Eagles CB -- 9.12.14 23rd (3rd) show

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday!

Billy Cunningham is considered one of the greatest 6th men ever to step on the court. His skills, precision, and love of the game propelled him as a player, coach, and analysis. Cunningham has one of the greatest grasps on the game. His vast knowledge helped lead the Sixers to victory over and over again. This was definitely a not miss for us!

Billy Cunningham NBA Hall of Famer and Former 76ers Head Coach and foward/center -- 3.21.15 8th (42th)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fly Eagles Fly...

Fly Eagles Fly... The Birds finally did it, after years and years of disappointment... The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. The Eagles were front runners after Week 4, they were the team to beat. They were the team that could be Super Bowl Champions. The Eagles truly had it all, and they were a very extremely fun and interesting team to watch. They were the team every single commentator, fan, and expert were talking about...

In sports you sometimes have only one chance, that one year where every single thing seemed to click. This was that type of season for the Eagles, the defense greatly improved, the running game was spectacular, and Carson Wentz was just simply amazing. Every single moment of the Eagles season was exciting, fun, and memorable. There was no doubt they had the ability to win it all... That was until Week 14... the Carson Wentz injury... Every single one of those fans, commentators, and experts said the Eagles were done. Their season was over. Maybe next year they would have an opportunity to perform again. But, then something amazing happened... A team rallied together like nothing that had ever been seen before.

A team joined together behind a Quarterback that many called washed-up, overrated, and terrible. Every single day going into the NFL Playoffs every sports channel talked about how the Eagles will embarrass themselves in the playoffs. They would be blown out in their first game against the Falcons. Well, the Eagles came out and played strong defense to bring themselves a victory. After what some called a sloppy offensive performance by the Eagles, commentators everywhere said that they would not stand a chance against the Vikings. Well, weren't they shocked... The Nick Foles of old came out to play, and gave one of the greatest playoff performances in history. The team fired on all cylinders, the passing game, the running game, the defense... everything was outrageously great... too great as some said.

After an amazing performance in the NFC Championship the Eagles were back... They were going to the Super Bowl. The spotlight was all over the team, from Nick Foles to Donnie Jones. Every player on the team was being interviewed and questioned, day in and day out. Though after their surprisingly great performance in the NFC Championship, many experts and fans still doubted them. People believed that the team had no chance against the All-Time Great Tom Brady. That the Eagles would be beat badly, and Nick Foles would not stand a chance against the Patriots defense.

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles did it... They shocked the world... St. Nick partied with Mickey Mouse.... The Birds went down Broad Street... This team changed the world of football... They proved every single expert wrong. This was an up and down season, filled with joy and sadness. But, it was truly the most magical season in sports history. We can always say we are Super Bowl Champions.