Thursday, January 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday!

This throwback of the day was one of the more interesting we had during our time at SJU. This interview was with former Rams defensive powerhouse Mel Owens. Mel was one of the hard hitters in the game, and he realized it took a toll on him and others. Mel is now a lawyer fighting against the NFL for the rights of concussion victims. This is one not to miss!

Mel Owens Former Rams LB & Current Lawyer -- 11.11.14

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why so little signings?

A question that has come up this offseason has been around the idea of why no players have signed. There have been several theories with players like Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani being on the market, it pushed everything back. Though I think this is part of the reason, there are other factors involved.

The main factor I think that is contributing to this is the lack of willingness to pay these players what they want. These veteran players are coming into free agency and expecting giant contracts. Though this has been the past trend when it comes to the MLB, I think we are finally witnessing a change. In today’s MLB many of the executives are no longer baseball guys. Instead we are witnessing a change from the old style of thinking, to a new analytical business approach. Teams are realizing the true value of players; it is no longer the idea of stacking a team with All-Stars. We have seen time and time again, that this approach does not work. Instead if we look at the data and information in front of us we can create better well-rounded teams for cheaper. An example of this would be not signing one of the Aces available in free agency because you can get 2 middle rotation starters and a reliever for the same cost. In todays every changing environment team's have to stay on top of things.

Though there have several factors that contributed to the lack of signings this offseason, I believe management is finally sick of over paying players. It is time to start the transition of paying players what they are really valued at. No longer should we see outrageous and meaningless contracts. Instead, it is time to move forward in this league and start using a business approach. These executives are a lot smarter than many agents believe, and they know the true value of a player. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Flashback Friday!

Our throwback of the day is when former Philadelphia Eagle and St. Joe’s Hawk Vince Papale came into studio! Vince was very excited to be back on Hawk Hill. Papale told stories about running track at the old Fieldhouse and his time with the Eagles. One interesting tidbit we learned throughout the process was the differences between his story and the Disney movie Invincible. This episode was definitely a must listen!

Vince Papale former Eagles WR -- 1.24.14 9th(2nd) Show

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wentz for MVP … Who Cares?

Carson Wentz deserves to be considered for the 2017 NFL season MVP award. Since tearing his ACL, the young quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has been forgotten. The media outlets have not given him the respect that he deserves while discussing this season’s MVP.

There is no clear winner for who should be awarded the MVP this year. I could see giving Brady a career award for playing in league for as long as he has. The 18 year veteran would be given the award by default. Or maybe Todd Gurley because his 13 touchdowns and 4.7 yards per attempt actually made Jared Goff look like a competent player. 

Wentz is not considered an elite player yet, but he is a franchise quarterback. Number 11 of the Eagles was named Fox Sports MVP. However, the Associated Press MVP that will be named the day before the Super Bowl is the one that people care about. Both of these awards have no merit behind because they are voted and decided by a select group sportswriters. The award is essentially a popularity contest. Talent should not be judged by a trophy, but by the impact the player has on the league. 

The injured quarterback for the Philadelphia missed the last three games of the season. Even after missing these games, Wentz has the second most touchdowns in the NFL. Without Carson under center, the Eagles are a pathetic team rallying behind the hope that he gave the team.
If the former North Dakota State quarterback wins the MVP award, it would just literally add insult to injury. Winning the Super Bowl is all that matters. Whether Wentz wins the MVP or a different player, who cares? It is a meaningless accolade. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Throwback Thursday!

Our Throwback Thursday of the day is our interview with Wayne Gomes! Gomes was one of the most memorable Closers for the Phillies. Gomes told us all about his time with the Philadelphia Phillies and about his journey to the Big Leagues. Wayne Gomes had a strong fastball on the mound and a great presence off the field. Hear our interview with Wayne!

Wayne Gomes former Phillies Closer -- 4.11.14 16th (11th) Show