Wednesday, December 17, 2014

All these teams want of Christmas is....

So, with Hanukkah started and Christmas coming up next week; we pose the question what should the Philadelphia sports teams ask for?

Prospects… Prospects…Prospects
The Phillies as we all know is lacking prospects and a strong Minor League system. Let’s face it Phillies fans, this team has finally decide to start rebuilding with the moving of Jimmy Rollins. However, they have yet to make that big move for big name prospects. There have been several names thrown around to possibly get these young guys into the Phillies system. So, we decided to pose a few trades that could help improve the Phillies minor leagues.

Cole has a high market value, and several people believe he can make a team an instant contender. Well, with talks of Wil Myers going to the Padres; this proves the Padres obviously want to contend. This provides the Phillies with the perfect opportunity to restock their system and to provide the Padres with an Ace and a starting Catcher. Two names that could fit the Phillies needs would be Austin Hedges a catcher or Jose Rondon a SS. Both of these guys would help this franchise greatly.

Another, move which is more unlikely to bring back A or B+ prospects is the moving of Ryan Howard. Let’s be honest, Howard’s good years are truly behind him and he doesn’t have much to offer the Phillies any more. However, the guy is still valuable and can produce over 100 RBI’s if given the right situation. One team that may have interest in Howard for the right price would be the Athletics. Oakland is in need of a first baseman, and with the signing of Billy Butler at DH, this team could be his perfect fit. The Phillies would have to buy out most of Howard’s outrageously large contract. But, if it were to happen Oakland could provide some good young guys in return such as, Bruce Maxwell a very good young Catching prospect.

These are just two possible moves that the Phillies could make to gain some youth into their minor league systems. Other guys that could return some prospects would be Byrd, Papelbon, and Brown. Hopefully, the Phillies get what they need most this holiday season.   

Scoring and a real Goalie
The Flyers have truly had some ups and downs this season, and it has not been fun to watch. The team needs something to fire them up, to get them playing well once more. One area that they need work in is in the category of scorers. Let’s face it the Flyers cannot compete when only two or three guys carrying the workload constantly on the offensive end. The Flyers made some bad moves the last couple years that have placed them in this predicament. They have moved scorers they shouldn’t and they didn’t bring the players back that they need. The team needs a true scorer to set up in their lineup or Hextall will have to make some moves to bring that scorer in that the team needs.

Another area that the Flyers need improvement is in net. In truth the Flyers have not had a great goalie in several years. Yes, Mason has played well, but he has had several ups and downs during his time with the Flyers. Sometimes he looks like a star other times, he looks just all-around bad. Ray Emery is the same way. Neither goalie has hit their stride. This season and injuries have plagued both of them. The Flyers will not compete unless they upgrade in the area of goalie.

Hextall has a lot of moves that he will have to make if the team wants to compete. This will not be a good time if you are a Flyers fan over the next several years, due to the fact that the Flyers haven’t made a big move to bring in the guy’s necessary to compete and win it all. In truth the Flyers will have to wait again for a Stanley Cup.

Shooting Guard
Well, if Sam Hinkie has anything to do with it the Sixers won’t have a shooting guard for another 10 years. Hinkie should be on the television show hoarding buried alive due to the fact that he has so many draft choices. The Sixers will be a competitive team and they are not too many years from being a Championship caliber team. The biggest piece that this team will need to compete is a high quality shooting guard, who wants the ball at any moment in time. One guy that they could get would be Emmanuel Mudiay a swing point and shooting guard.

Mudiay will be a top pick in this year’s NBA Draft, no doubt about it. Mudiay can provide the Sixers with that fire power, that Andrew Wiggins type of player that the Sixers wanted to draft last season. Mudiay has proven in China that he has that explosive offensive ability. This kid has proven that he does make mistakes on the court, however you have to remember over in China he is the all-around superstar. He is basically playing every position from point to small. With the Sixers he would be the perfect fit, being the main scorer and not worrying about playing the point as much.

If Hinkie can get his act together and think in the basketball mind that he should, rather than hoarding picks. Mudiay can be their guy, though everyone’s eyes are on Okafor as the top pick. Do not be surprised if the Sixers move Noel and someone else for another top pick to try to bring in both Okafor and Mudiay. This Sixers team will compete… Eventually.

The Playoffs
The Eagles have many good pieces on their team, and they are in the playoff race. However, after the last two games they have fallen out of first place and have shown that they cannot compete with a playoff team. The Eagles need their corners to perform at a higher level as well as a great QB if they want to compete and get back into the playoff race. This team has struggled of late and they need to get it together if they want to be back in the race.

The corners are the biggest question going into these last few games. The corners have not performed well as of late. Williams has been terrible and the Cowboys completely exposed him last game. Teams have proven that they are not afraid to throw into the Eagles secondary, that they are not a true threat to them. This has to change if this team wants to ever be in Super Bowl contention. Let’s face it, if teams can just throw the ball deep to guys like Dez Bryant every time for large gains, what’s stopping them. The Eagles need an improvement in the corner position if they are going to get back in the race.

The Eagles need and want to get back into the playoff contention. But, before they can even compete they need to get it together in the QB position. Foles though hurt has played not up to par this season, and Sanchez of late has been bad. So with Foles coming back in the next few weeks the question is if they get to the playoffs who will be their QB. This team if they want to be in the playoffs they need Nick Foles back to play at the highest level.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cam Newton or Danny Wuerffel... What will Marcus become?

Does being the Heisman Trophy winner automatically make you a future stud in the NFL or even a very good player? In the NFL we have seen several guys come and go in recent years that were Heisman Trophy winners, including guys that were really never even given a chance. So the question is will Marcus Mariota fall in the category of an NFL success or an NFL bust?

Since 1990 there have been fifteen Heisman Trophy winners that have been Quarterbacks that have been given an opportunity to play in the NFL. For fun, let us name them all for you; Ty Detmer, Gino Torretta, Charlie Ward, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Carson Palmer, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and  Johnny Manziel... Looking quickly at that list any NFL expert or fan can pick out the good players such as Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, and RGIII.  With Johnny Football getting his first NFL start this weekend. Though those four guys listed are recent, they have found success in the NFL. Even though one or two of them are having off years.

Those four guys have had good careers so far, but not great careers. Palmer has always been a good Quarterback. He started his career with the Bengals and had a great deal of success early. During his first four seasons he found a great deal of success, having 32 TD’s in 2005. However, injuries and not having the talent around him has harmed his career. Sam Bradford and RGIII are both guys that have the talent to be successful NFL QB’s but like Palmer, they have been injury prone throughout their careers. Sam has played 4 seasons in the NFL, only two of them were full. Due to injury Bradford has truly never hit his stride in the NFL and he will be a curious case for fans to watch to see if he can reach his old Heisman form again. RGIII like Bradford has been injury prone since college. The former Heisman winner Griffin had unbelievable success during his rookie season, even winning the Rookie of the Year Award. Injuries have delayed again this season what RGIII can truly do and fans must yet again wait. Cam Newton out of all the guys listed above has not had the injury problems; however his performances are not like the days of his Heisman Trophy.  Cam has had tons of success so far in the NFL, breaking records as a rushing QB. However, he still makes bad decisions with the football and many experts would say he is not the guy they expected him to become.

Looking at the names on this list we hope Marcus can find success in the NFL, or at least make it longer then only a few years. Mariota has had a long road to where he is today. Really no one was interested in the kid coming out of high school besides Oregon. Marcus has built his own legacy and has worked very hard, and now we will play the waiting game to see where he will fall. One thing Marcus does have is a good head on his shoulders and talent. 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DeAndre Dominates

The Hawks bounced back tonight after a terrible loss on Saturday. Hawks played unbelievable basketball in the second half of the game to soar to victory 68-42. The 68 points tied St. Joe’s season high for a regulation game. The team really came together tonight playing their best basketball this season. At the beginning of this game fans in attendance seemed agitated and angry that the Hawks were not playing well. However, they were able to turn around the bad play and come out completely different. DeAndre Bembry led the team with 21pts and 7 rebounds, and helped guide the team to victory. Bembry truly looked like the team’s captain and star tonight, throwing down dunk after dunk. The team played completely different tonight, getting big plays from Bembry, Wilson, Miles, and Demery.

Though the Hawks had an amazing win tonight, they did struggle early tonight. Bembry looked again like he was not ready to be the leader of this team. At the beginning of this game he seemed unsure and lacked confidence, however he turned it around completely. Coach Martelli took a timeout late during the first half and seemed to instill confidence in his struggling Forward. Bembry came back with unbelievable fire and intensity. Bembry by far was the team’s leader tonight and helped guide them to an easy victory.

Loyola dominated the paint early tonight with Freshman Cam Gregory starting out 4-4 from the field. However, the Hawks were able to keep them out of the paint in the second half. Players like Bembry, Brown and Casper kept the Greyhounds from getting the upper hand in the paint. This has been an area that the Hawks have needed work in, and if they can have the consistency that they had in the 2nd half throughout the rest of the season they will be able to compete much better.

The final five minutes of the first half the Hawks began their turn around, and they took that fire and intensity into the second half of the game. St. Joe’s completely dominated the Greyhounds in the second half, not allowing them to take good shots or get into the paint. DeAndre completely shut down the best player on Loyola Eric Laster the entire game, never allowing him to get into a groove. The team ran the ball a lot more in the second half, and players like Demery and Bembry were able to thrive. Demery was able to throw down several times on the defense of Loyola. The Hawks Point Guards helped the team glide to victory Demery would end the game with 7pts, and Wilson with 13pts. If the team can get production from all of these pieces they will be able to compete.

Bembry played like a completely different; he played like a true future NBA player. If Coach Martelli can get the intensity and fire from Bembry and the rest of this team they will compete with any team this season. Coach Martelli seemed much happier tonight with his squad and at one point he could be seen smiling on the sidelines when Casper came into the game.  If this team can stay loose and hot they will be able to make a run for the rest of this season.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mauled by a Wildcat

Bad basketball… That is all I have to say. This is no longer a rivalry; this is just pure domination on the part of Villanova. It’s time to be honest, Big Five basketball rivalries no longer exist, sure LaSalle and Temple still go at it pretty strong as well as Temple and SJU but Villanova is far beyond any team in the “Big Five.” I think it is official time to say this rivalry is not alive. Villanova students view the Saint Joseph’s Basketball team like they are a joke. They see us as just an opportunity to beat up on the school down Lancaster Avenue. Nova just purely dominated SJU and this was not the first time. The past two meeting Villanova has defeated the Hawks by a combined 58pts. They have won twice in the past ten years. Overall, the Holy War has brought bad basketball. Before the game, there was not a person expecting the Hawks to compete with Villanova.  Villanova is 8-0 and ranked 10th in the country. Nova has a tremendous chance to be in the top 5 by the end of the season. Villanova has made it known recently that they are one the best teams in the country, none the less Philadelphia. But, this game was just terrible basketball and sad to watch for any St. Joe’s fan.

This game did not have many positives to take from it, as Coach Geoff Arnold said this was going to be a learning experience for these young guys.   Though a learning experience this game was just tough to watch all around.  The team looked as if they were not ready for the big stage against Villanova. Youth got the best of the Hawks today. It’s tough to win games when your best player is going 5-15 from the field with 13pts, and your “ESPN Top Performer” is a walk on player named Brendan Casper. In all honesty, Casper was the best Hawk out on the court today.

Casper played 20 strong minutes with 9 points and 9 rebounds. The kid made the most of an opportunity and proved himself worthy of some minutes in the near future. Hawks fans were reminded of the play style of Halil. Though Casper played well, the rest of the team did not.

Miles, who was the team’s leading scorer last game and has been playing extremely well struggled, as he was on the court for only 9 minutes and fouled out. That is just unacceptable and he would be the first person to tell you that. There needs to be work done to keep him in the game.  Adding to that Javon also only played 9 minutes, the two big men for SJU combined for 18 minutes together.

Freshman Guard Shavar Newkirk has not played well in his first eight games of the season, shooting .233 from the field and today going 0-8. Coach Martelli may need to make some changes in the guard role if he wants the team to become more productive.

As I said before do not be surprised if Maschmeyer receives more minutes by the end of this season. It has been great to see how well the Senior Guard has played on defense.

Aaron Brown once again showed his value scoring 7 points in 24 minutes. This brings up the question if there is going to be changes made in the starting lineup soon.

The team has shown flashes of skill and brilliance throughout the season, however today they just lacked everything. Villanova did not have to worry about today’s game, Coach Wright was already thinking about Illinois. Nova is a great team there is no doubt about it and may be in the championship this season, but SJU embarrassed themselves today. There is a lot to take from this game, and for guys like Miles, Demery, and Newkirk this is a learning experience. It looks as though changes in the lineup will have to be made if Coach Martelli wants to compete this season.  #THWND


Friday, December 5, 2014


Saint Joseph’s University plays their biggest rival, the Villanova Wildcats this Saturday at 1:00 at the Pavilion. While the Hawks chances of winning are slim, we hope the team can hold their own. Villanova has several players that can easily put up 15 points a game, however instead they choose making a difference in other ways. Last year Pinkston and Arcidiacono were the leaders of the team. This year they are contributing in other ways. They aren’t forced to lead the team. If St. Joes’ plays stride for stride with Villanova, there will be a feeling of accomplishment among the team.

Villanova’s greatest strength is their depth. It is the reason why they are ranked 10th in the country. Depth allows a basketball team to do more throughout the game. A team with depth is not limited with what they can do. SJU fans are seeing the Hawks develop into team with more depth. The previous game against Temple, Isaiah Miles led the team to a victory. St. Joes’ recruited Miles to do exactly what he did against Temple, pick up offensive rebounds and put them into the hoop. Miles had totaled 9 rebounds. James Demery was recruited as a wing guard to attack the basket with ease. He had clutch shooting that propelled the Hawks to victory against LIU Brooklyn. The team is developing better than expected. As the season progresses, we will see more players making bigger contributions to the team like Miles and Demery has. 

It is great to see that DeAndre Bembry does not have to lead the team or play at top of his game. Number 43 on the Hawks was not guarded by the opposing team’s top defender last season like he is this season. Bembry is not going to be putting up 20 plus points consistently. DeAndre only has put up more than 20 points two out of the seven games this season. Other players are picking up the slack from Bembry’s struggle to perform. Even though Bembry is not putting up as many points as many 
experts thought, DeAndre is making a difference in other ways. He is averaging the most assists per game on the team. 

The Hawks can contend against Villanova. In order for Bembry and the rest squad to have a chance they have to perform at the top of their ability on Saturday to have a chance. No matter how it ends, they will grow together. We are seeing the team form an identity.


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