Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Playoff Baseball?

The regular season is coming to a close and the playoff picture is almost set. However, the question on many individuals’ minds is who will take it all this season. Which team will be the one at the pinnacle of the mountain when it is all said and done? Some teams have shown what they can do, and others like the Nationals have fallen from the top spot. The question is now, who can hold on long enough to get into the playoffs and get hot. There are several possible teams but two teams stand out to me as the possible World Series contenders when it is all said and done.

Blue Jays
I don’t  think there has been a better team or a more fun team to watch since the MLB Trade Deadline. With additions such as Troy Tulowitzki and David Price, this team now officially looks like the team to beat in the AL East. The New York Yankees have slowly lost their 1st place standing and the Blue Jays currently lead the division. There is no surprise regarding the success of the Blue Jays offense. But what is shocking has been how well their pitching has kept it together. If the Blue Jays can keep their pitching strong and their bats alive, there is no doubt in my mind that we will see them in the World Series.

I believe that this will be the season that will shock the world. I think the Pirates are finally putting everything together to not only reach the Post Season, but the finally play in that World Series game that they have hoped for. The Pirates have had the bats all season, and the great pitching of Cole. It has not helped the Pirates playing in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, but this team has truly kept it together. They have beat every team that has stood in their way so far, and have the goal of winning it all. I truly think that if the Pirates can keep all the cogs in motion they will be World Series contenders.

Though there are several unbelievable teams such as the Cardinals and Royals, who have dominated their divisions. I do not think they will be able to keep it going in the long run. What my hope is that we get to see competitive playoff baseball. Nothing is more fun to watch then a no name player take center stage in their biggest moment of their career! So enjoy the playoffs!



Monday, August 24, 2015

Semester 5

Pat Combs Former Phillies Starting Pitcher -- 8.24.15


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Semester 4

Charlie Batch Former Steelers QB -- 1.16.15 1st (35th)

Eric Crouch 2001 Heisman Winner -- 1.19.15

Jim Jackson Flyers and Phillies Commentator -- 2.6.15 4th (38th)

Tim Kerr Former Flyers Right Wing -- 2.6.15 4th (38th)

Jeff Ruland Former 76ers Center -- 2.20.15 5th (39th)

Eric Valent Former Phillie & Current Scout -- 2.27.15 6th (40th)

Brian Propp Former Flyers Wing -- 3.6.15 7th (41th)

Billy Cunningham NBA Hall of Famer and Former 76ers Head Coach and foward/center -- 3.21.15 8th (42th)

Jim "The Rookie" Morris Former Tampa Bay Relief Pitcher-- 3.27.15 9th (43rd)

Jason Bergmann - Former Nationals Pitcher -- 3.29.15 10th (44th)

Paul Bako - Former MLB Catcher -- 4.12.15 11th (45th)

Mike Lieberthal - Former Phillies Catcher -- 4.17.15 12th (46th)

Shawn Estes - Former MLB Pitcher -- 4.24.15 13th (47th)


Semester 3

Scott Eyre Former Phillies Pitcher -- 8.29.14 21st (1st) show

Reggie Wilkes Former Eagles LB -- 9.5.14 22st (2nd) show

Troy Vincent Former Eagles CB -- 9.12.14 23rd (3rd) show

Keith Van Horn Former Sixer SF -- 9.19.14 24th (4th) show

Jesse Boulerice Former Flyers Protector -- 9.26.14 25th (5th) show

 Jamie Moyer Former Phillies & Hawks Pitcher

Keith Jones Former Flyer Wing -- 10.3.14 26th (6th) show

Frank Coonelly Pirate's President -- 10.10.14 27th (7th) show

Mark Saltveit - Tao of Chip Kelly -- 10.17.14 28th (8th) show

Steve Grogan Former Patriots QB -- 10.31.14 10th (30th) show

Mike Bantom Former SJU Forward -- 11.10.14

Mel Ownes Former Rams LB & Current Lawyer -- 11.11.14

Jerry Sisemore Former Eagles OT -- 11.14.14 12th (32th) show

Chris Therien Former Flyers Defenseman -- 11.21.14 13th (33th)

Mike Bartrum Former Eagles LS -- 11.21.14


Semester 2

Vince Papale former Eagles WR -- 1.24.14 9th(2nd) Show

Dick Jerardi from CSN Philly -- 1.24.14 9th(2nd) Show

Steve Mix Former Sixers Forward -- 1.31.14 10th (3rd) Show

Jim Salisbry Phillies Insider -- 2.7.14 (4th) show

Dick Vermeil former eagles head coach -- 2.14.14 12th (5th) Show 

DeAndre Bembry SJU MBB Player -- 2.21.14 13th (6th) Show 

Bob Kelly Former Flyers Left Wing -- 2.28.14 14th (7th) Show

Todd Pinkston Former Eagles WR -- 3.21.14 15th (8th) Show

Pat Carroll Former SJU Basketball Player -3.21.14 15th (8th) Show

Gregg Murphy Phillies' Sideline Reporter -3.28.14 16th (9th) Show


Wayne Gomes former Phillies Closer -- 4.11.14 16th (11th) Show


Bobby Taylor former Eagles CB -- 5.2.14 20th (13th) Show