Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chip's Vision

I cannot wait to go to training camp and watch great Eagles players like Nick Foles, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Evan Mathis, and Trent Cole. WAIT WHAT!?!?!!? They are no longer on the team?!!?? Whoever is in charge of the Eagles must be an idiot!

Chip Kelly decided that these players were no longer worth keeping on the team. Although it is not completely his idea as he gets input from other coaches and personnel, he does make the final decisions. Therefore, the decision to not hold onto these players were certainly not knee-jerk. Chip is a philosophical guy that has a vision of how he wants the team to be. These team decisions were carried-out to help the Eagles move in a direction to achieve Chip's vision.

When Chip became the head coach of the Eagles, his creative play calling was limited because of the players he inherited. Eagles fans were expecting innovative and action-filled plays like Kelly ran in Oregon.

Culture. Culture. Culture. Chip Kelly fully believes that culture is more important to a team than scheme. Any head coach would want players to buy in their system. Without buying in the team cannot perform as the coach desires. Chip wants players to be discipline and follow his regimen. If Coach Kelly was in charge of the Sixers in 00-01, he would have released Allen Iverson. Chip will do what it takes to put together a team that plays the kind of football that he envisions. This years team is one step closer to molding the team.

The rate that Chip Kelly has pushed his vision and turned the roster over is outstanding. There probably has never been an organization inside or outside of football that has implemented their own guys on board faster than he did. Chip is not only talking about his ideas, he is following through with them. The rate that the roster has been turned-over was accomplished at a staggering rate. Additionally, it was done without having a losing record. No matter what the changes Eagles undergo, they will still be the Eagles. Just remember there is a reason for the changes, achieving his vision.

- Pants (Glen)

Friday, June 26, 2015

With the 3rd Pick in the NBA Draft the Sixers select.... Jahlil Okafor

With the 3rd Pick in the NBA Draft the Sixers select.... Jahlil Okafor. There is no doubt about it that Jahlil Okafor was the best player on the board when the Sixers pick came up. Once again it was the Embiid situation, do you pick the best guy available or do you take the position that you need. Sam Hinkie and the Sixers went with Okafor. Which is now making many people including experts scratching their heads. If you turn on NBA TV there is one thing everyone is talking about, and that is who will be traded from the Sixers big three. As someone from the outside looking in it can be very confusing.

The question on everyone’s mind is how is this going to work out, and who will play where. Well, folks the first issue before we even get there is whether or not Joel Embiid will play next season. Embiid was a huge risk when he was drafted and many experts said he would play for the Sixers. However, this is now looking like a question mark. If the Sixers want to be successful they will need Joel Embiid on the court for them. Now the newest problem, that is on Brett Brown is figuring out how to work with the three bigs in Philadelphia. When you have three unbelievable talents like Okafor, Embiid, and Noel you are set in the middle. However, the problem that faces Brett Brown is figuring out how to play all three at the same time. This issue may be almost impossible to solve.

In reality the only one that could play the 3 would be Noel. At the end of last season it became apparent that the Sixers started working with Noel on his game away from the middle. Noel is also the fastest of the three bigs, which is another positive. If you watched any college basketball last season you would know how talented Okafor is and how he will impact the Sixers in the future. There is no doubt he has the ability to control the middle and can score with his back to the basket. The last player of the big three is the wild card Joel Embiid. Embiid has a nice shot and can control the middle as well, but the question is will he stay healthy and will he be able to work with these other guys. However, it may or may not work and only time will tell.

Brett Brown is faced with a good problem. The Sixers have drafted the three best players in the past three years. All three of these guys were predicted at one point to be the 1st pick in the draft, and to be the most impactful player. However, it is now going to be a waiting game to see if it can work. Having three guys with their ability is a good thing, however they may not work together. The next step is whether or not Sam Hinkie is going to make a deal to bring in a true guard.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Phillies...

Well, it is apparent that the Phillies season is for the most part over. The team has truly proven nothing this season. Every piece of the team has failed and they seem to lack talent all around. Ryne Sandberg seems to not have a hold on this team, and tempers seem to be flaring. The latest move that the Phillies have made is bringing Dominic Brown back up from the minors and sending down Darin Ruf. The Phillies will make more moves in the upcoming weeks, including most likely the moving of Cole Hamels. With continued struggles from members of this team it can now be seen that it is officially time to start over, to build from the bottom up. The question is however, what pieces if any are worth keeping.

It is time to get rid of Ryne Sandberg and Rueben Amaro Jr. At this point in the season, it is clear that Sandberg has no control of the team. Ryne Sandberg’s whole baseball philosophy is to preach fundamentals, however it can be seen the Phillies completely lack that. RAJ should be moved due to the fact that every move that he has made has been the wrong one. 

Starting Pitchers:
None of them… Let’s be honest none of these guys have been productive this season. Cole Hamels can pitch; he is the only one that is truly good. The rest of the staff is for the most part serviceable 4 or 5 starters. Hamels should be moved for younger guys that could help put together a good team in the future. If the Phillies could move Hamels for a top-pitching prospect this team could have a bright future. Scouts seem to think as of right now Aaron Nola is an ace; however, it will be a waiting game.

When looking at the bullpen it is obvious which guys the Phillies should keep around. The first and main guy is Ken Giles. There is no doubt that Kenny Giles has been the Phillies biggest piece in their bullpen. Though his velocity is down this season, he has proven to everyone that he knows how to pitch. This was a big step for Giles considering many people thought he was only a gunner. Another guy the Phillies should keep around is Elvis Araujo, this kid knows how to pitch. At only 23 he has proven he can get out any major league hitter, and he has great stuff. These two guys have proven that they know how to pitch and are young enough to be around when the Phillies become good again.

When looking at the Phillies infield they really have nothing that is worth keeping. The Phillies need to start focusing on the future; they need to start putting together a younger infield. Franco has been the only impressive player. He has proven that he knows how to make changes, and I would continue to let this player grow as a hitter. Ryan Howard has been productive this season, even if fans don’t want to admit it.  Howard is giving the team exactly what is expected and when it is all said and done, he will end the season with 30 homeruns. But, when it comes down to it he is too old to stay on this squad. Howard may however be moved for some lower level prospects that could help build the team for the future.  The rest of the infielders have not done enough to show it is worth keeping them on the roster. Sadly, Chase Utley has not been able to hit this season. It is time that Chase Utley hangs up the cleats. Utley is not the only infielder not producing at the plate; the entire team has been a joke this season.

There are only two guys I would keep around in the outfield, and it is completely based off their young ages. Cody Asche and Odubel Herrera have not really proven anything with the bat. Both guys are under the age of 25, and may have upside. I have not been impressed with either guy at the plate. They are not pure hitters nor have they shown power or any ability to get on base. But, I would let these guys play and see what they can give me. If they don’t provide the team what they want, then they should be shipped off. These two players may have a bright future, and will be around when the young guys in the minors come up. Production may follow for these guys, but we have to wait and see.

Let’s be fair this team has not shown fans much. The team should in reality just call up the Reading Fightin’s and let them play. When it comes down to the dog days of summer, there may be no fans showing up to games. Let's hope the Phillies can turn into the Astros eventually.



Friday, May 15, 2015

What's different about Freddy Galvis?

There is no denying that Freddy Galvis has played unbelievable this season. The 25-year-old shortstop has been playing out of his mind as of late. The young Galvis has not been that productive during his time with the Phillies, however now he is proving to be one of the most valuable players on the roster.  After the Phillies moved Rollins, there were questions whether or not Galvis would be able to step in. Galvis has not only surprised Phillies fans, but also baseball experts everywhere. This Freddy Galvis is not the same player we have seen over the last few seasons.

When looking at the success Galvis has had this season, people are now questioning how or why this is happening. Freddy Galvis is a completely different player this season; he is performing like a young Jimmy Rollins. There are several different reasons why Galvis has had so much more success this season. The main reason is his approach has changed. When looking at past videos of Galvis and how he approached the plate you can see distinct parallels between this season and prior. Galvis is approaching each at bat with the viewpoint to slap the ball. Rather then in the past when he would try to drive the ball and hit for power, the Phillies shortstop is getting on base. He now takes each at bat as a chance to get on base and do his job. Galvis is not a player that will knock in RBI’s nor hit home-runs, his job is to get in scoring position.

With this new approach Freddy Galvis has been able to basically reinvent himself. The shortstop that everyone saw struggle, now has great potential. He has proven that he has a unique skill and ability that is needed on this Phillies team. Though his hits are mainly singles, Galvis is doing his job, with an unbelievable average of .353. If Galvis can keep up his tear there is no doubt that he will be the Phillies All-Star this season. The ability Freddy Galvis has emulated his favorite player and idol Omar Vizquel. If Galvis turns into half the player Vizquel was the Phillies are in luck.



Saturday, May 2, 2015

What’s Next…

The baseball season is official in full swing, and we are starting to get into the dog days of summer. The question is now, what is next for the Phillies. It is obvious that they have struggled, but what path should they go on. Though they have struggled the other NL East teams around them have not performed very well either. To be frank this division is up for grabs, but the Phillies have to decide which direction to go.

The Phillies have to pick which path they would like to go down. In reality they are not playing well, however they have shown some glimmers of hope throughout the season. Though there will be some people that say the Mets look like the team to beat. The Mets, have struggled mightily on the road. The Nationals have clearly struggled, and currently are not the team everyone thought they were. The Braves and Marlins are on the same plan as the Phillies in the talent department as of right now. This now brings up the question to the Phillies, whether or not they believe they can perform. Whether or not they can reach the goal of the playoffs.

With the division struggles, the Phillies can easily take second place and fight for first place. This can only happen if the Phillies decide to make some changes. The question is whether or not the Phillies should. Should the Phillies trade their older players like Howard, Ruiz, Hamels, and Utley, and give up on the season. This will provide them with the opportunity to let the young players play, and allow them to grow. By doing this the team will be basically taking themselves out of playoff contention. The next question is do the Phillies think they can make a run. Can they go all out and bring in some pieces. If the Phillies bring in a good pitcher and another outfield piece they can compete. They may actually make a run, not because they are good but because the rest of the division isn’t. Some small changes may actually help drive this team to playoff contention, but only time will tell. Only time will tell how this season will end and it is still early.