Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Future for Ron and Lang

Well, Hawk fans it’s time to come to realize that Langston and Ron did not make the cut to play in the NBA. It was a fun ride to watch for all of us from HawkHill to see these guys go after their dreams. SJU fans were pulling for these guys because we all know how much both of these players deserved this opportunity. Though we may not be seeing the former SJU Hawks in any professional uniforms in the upcoming weeks, there is always a chance, a hope that someone will realize and see the potential that both of these guys have. These dreams are not yet done; there is always a chance that we may see one of them in the NBA one day.

As many of us know Langston can shoot, not only can he shoot he can shoot better than a lot of guys in the NBA. We have heard from many coaches and reporters that many NBA scouts thought Lang was actually a better shooter and basketball player then a lot of players on rosters. One team in particular, the Indiana Pacers, said that Langston was a better shooter then 14 of their 15 players. Langston proved several times during both the Summer League and Training Camp, that he can play the game. Langston is the type of player that coaches love, and many think he can help an NBA team, the problem lies in his height. As we all know Langston is too small to play Shooting Guard in the NBA, but he is too much of a shooter to play the Point. Here lies the problem with Langston, where does he fit, what position would he play? In my opinion, it should not matter about his height, if the guy has the ability to play, then he deserves his opportunity.

Ron is a completely different story. Many people, reports, experts, and fans thought that Ronald Roberts Jr. was a no doubter. That he would 100% make the Sixers this season and that he may be playing close to HawkHill. As everyone knows Ron has unbelievable athleticism, and that is the main reason why almost every scout thought he was going to be a Sixer. The problem with Ron was that he got hurt, and you can’t do anything about that. Ron was not able to play up to his potential due to his injury, and when you are trying to make a team this is going to hurt your opportunity. Ron proved in several games whether it be his crazy dunk, or his ability to get rebounds, he can play in the NBA. Roberts has always been an effort player. During the Summer League and preseason, the former number 13 also got bigger to take on NBA talent.

It is said to see their journeys of trying to make their respective NBA teams end. But, that does not mean the NBA dream is over for either guy. Langston and Ron both know that they have the ability to play at the highest level. These two individuals just need to be given the opportunity to prove themselves worthy to both coaches and fans. I have a feeling that we will be seeing one of them in an NBA jersey soon enough. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Giant, Royal Disappointment?

If you are a baseball fan like I am then you know for a fact that this has been some of the best playoff baseball in a long time. Like I said true baseball fans understand that there hasn't been as exciting games like this in a very long time. The games so far have been battles, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. However, with all the great baseball so far there is one thing that now stands out to fans watching the World Series, they are both not large market teams. Though these two teams are the best in the league and have played extremely well they don’t garner the attention that many MLB executives would hope for especially in a season where baseball has lost several fans.

After, watching the Giants dominate the Royals in Game 1 of the World Series, it came apparent to me that there was probably less fans viewing that game than in years past.  This year’s Game 1 of the World Series tv rating was an 8, which has been one of the worst ratings for a Game 1 in the last 20 years. Though this has been the best play so far, sports fans have to be disappointed due to the fact that this is a World Series that if you are not a Giants or Royals fan specifically then you really don’t care. Sports fans like to watch playoff matchups that show people they know and teams they like to see, in the case of the World Series fans would like to see the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, and Dodgers etc… Fans like to know what they are watching and who they are watching, to be honest though I love this World Series match up, the average fan does not appreciate the technical baseball play that has occurred so far. This World Series hopefully will provide excitement that the whole playoffs have had so far to garner it more attention.

With this World Series having some of the worst ratings of all time it will come down to how well the games are played to try to save the series as a whole. It is sad to say, but it seems like baseball is dying in the United States, with less attention on the teams playing in the World Series every year. Baseball is going to have to make great strides towards the future if they want to continue and to become a success in this country once more. But, for right now everyone needs to just sit down and appreciate some great baseball between the Royals and Giants. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hawk Weaknesses

With the season almost upon us many SJU fans are asking where are the Hawks weakest this season and where can we expect them to fall short. The team unfortunately lacks veteran leadership, perimeter shooting, and the ability to rebound.  

The most apparent area where St. Joe’s falls short is in veteran leadership. The team only has two returning starters for the season in Chris Wilson and DeAndre Bembry. As we all know the team thrived last season from the veteran leadership, it will be big shoes to fill with the team missing Langston, Halill, and Ron. The lack of veteran leadership might force Phil to be more vocal in the locker room. Last year not only the three captains, but all the seniors would speak their mind during half-time. DeAndre Bembry mention that Darius Quarles was vocal at half time during the University of Rhode Island game going into half-time behind. Chris Wilson is an ultimate team player and leads by example. While Chris is always doing the right thing, DeAndre is a player that will lead the team with scoring and performance. Like last year, captains are not the only ones that can make a difference. Look for Aaron Brown to be vocal player. He is another team player, which is evident by his patience after sitting out last year due to transferring and only playing a limited role at WVU. It is also likely that this team may take a few games to play together and run the court as a unit. However, the leadership on this team should bring the team together within a few games.   

Going off of that fact, there is another form of weakness that was created from losing Langston and that is in perimeter shooting. Langston provided the team with a great amount of confidence to shoot the ball from three when it was most needed. The perimeter shooting is going to have to come from Bembry, Wilson, and Miles. Bembry and Miles are the main perimeter possibilities. Wilson is not a consistent perimeter shooter, although he is successful when he is not under pressure. It is simply not likely that the team will be able to recreate last year’s perimeter shooting success. Langston Galloway is one of a kind and is even a better shooter than a majority of NBA players that play the shooting guard position. This upcoming season the Hawks will have to find new and different ways to score points to make up for the missing perimeter shooting. Another weakness the team will face is the fact that they have inexperience underneath the basket.

With the loss of both Halil and Ron, the ability to rebound may have gone out of Hawk Hill with them. This team is going to have real problems rebounding and creating points from underneath. Javon Bauman and Jai Williams will be big men that will have the responsibility of rebounding this upcoming year. This team is a very young and talented team, which has the potential to become outstanding in the near future.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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