Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can Langston make it in the NBA?

                Can Langston Galloway make it in the NBA? This is the question that is on a lot of Saint Joseph’s  fans minds now the Lang has been signed by the New York Knicks. This has been a great summer for the former St. Joe’s seniors. Halil Kanacevic signed a contract overseas with Olimpija in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ronald Roberts Jr. played extremely well with the Sixers to reportedly earn himself a contract. We talked about how Roberts is could living his dream here.  All of the 3 starting seniors from last years Atlantic 10 championship team played in the NBA Summer League. We discussed it here. Now all the attention is put on Langston Galloway, whether or not he is ready to take the next step and turn himself into a potential NBA player.  
                After graduating in May, Langston Galloway ended his career at SJU at the top in three impressive statistical categories. Galloway ended his career with 1,991 points as the second all-time leading scorer, past Pat Carroll to lead 334  three point field goals, and also holds the school record for starting in 132 games. Langston didn’t have the best NBA Summer League showing, which is why to many his signing is shocking. Lang averaged 5.8 points a game and 1.3 assists over 13.8 minutes. Langston through his college career showed flashes of brilliance and potential that could be turned into a role player in the NBA, however he also showed inexperience and struggles. Whether it was setting the 3-Point Record a St. Joe’s or missing the final shot that could’ve moved them to the next round of the tournament Langston played 100% and never let his emotions get the best of him. Langston Galloway is a guy that has a great amount of potential because of his pure shooting ability. During the summer league, he showed that he is a fighter and he gives his all out on the court no matter what. All St. Joe’s students know from watching him that he will never quit and now so do the Knicks fans.  A summer league game against the Hornets Galloway scored 17 points in 20 minutes. It was because of that performance and his work ethic during practice that made Phil Jackson, the president of Knicks , to have him stay with the team longer during training camp. Let’s face it, Lang will never be the best defender and he isn’t the best passer. This puts Langston in a predicament, he is too small and not strong enough to play shooting guard but he isn’t a good enough passer to play the point. Langston can make an NBA team in my opinion as a role player, a guy that comes off the bench to shoot. If I were Langston Galloway I would be in the gym 24/7 just working on my shot, because this is his one and only shot to play pro ball. Whether or not Langston will make the Knicks will come down to how he performs in training camp and practices. The hard working Langston will make himself known on the court that will be for sure. 

                Galloway can play in the NBA and we at St. Joe’s know that he can continue his success. Langston Galloway by far was the best basketball player to come out as a senior this past year. Galloway isn’t as athletic as Roberts or as uniquely gifted as Halil, but Galloway can shoot and score. There is going to be a lot of pressure on Lang, and the St. Joe’s family and community is behind Langston 100%. Hopefully Langston Galloway will be another Hawk in the NBA. THWND!

Friday, September 12, 2014

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Friday, September 5, 2014

How will Maikel Franco work out?

Franco is one of the most highly touted prospects to come out of the Phillies minor leagues as a 3rd baseman in several years. He batted .257 with 16 homeruns in Lehigh Valley. Before being called Franco was tearing up the Minors hitting for the cycle, multi homerun games, as well as hitting a grand slam. The problem with Franco is that showed up to Spring Training unprepared and did not look comfortable, that is why Asche won the job out of Spring Training. However, when you think about it did Asche really win the position over?  Asche has not done anything that productive to seal his fate as the future 3rd baseman for the Phillies. Cody hasn’t done anything for the Phillies, being productive is very tough at this position, but he hasn’t be spectacular. To play in this city you have to do something to win not just the coaches over, but the fans too.

Maikel Franco is only 22 years old so as fans we must take this into account, before judging  his performance in Philadelphia. Asche is also young being only 24, though those two years could be a big advantage for someone like Franco who many are saying is Major League ready.  It is apparent that the Phillies are out of the Playoff race, this means we will be seeing more of Maikel Franco, now the question is, where will he be playing?

With several different players filling spots the question is how will the Phillies manage to get everyone that needs playing time into games. Let’s be realistic now, Dom Brown’s time in Philadelphia is over, so this will open up a space in leftfield. However, there is a problem will this position be played by Darin Ruf or Grady Sizemore the veteran. Both of these guys have something to prove. Now many will say, why not just place Ruf at first and play Sizemore in the Outfield. Well, there’s the other problem Franco, Howard, and Ruf all play first. As, fans we want to see the youth play, but we can’t just throw away a veteran like Ryan Howard who is on his way to 100 RBIs. Will we see a team with Ruf in left next season Franco at first and Asche at 3rd? This provides the best opportunity for Franco to get the most playing time and opens the largest hole for him.

In reality Franco will play, depending whether or not he performs. As well as how he compares to the other players that he will be taking time from.  In my opinion this is going to be a true question mark and we will have to watch how this plays out with this team. There could be a bright future for Franco, he is a guy that has a ton of potential and raw talent. Now we have to ask ourselves is he a Dom Brown or a Ryan Howard. I think Franco is a guy that we can trust, he seems to have a great understanding of the game and I look forward to seeing him in the lineup in the future.

Monday, September 1, 2014