Friday, May 27, 2016

Top 5 Greatest Records

In sports there are some records that are meant to be broken, and others that will never end. Over the past 50 years we have seen some of the most incredible achievements shattered. However, there are some that will never end. This season we got a taste of that in the form of JBJ and his hits. In honor of the failed streak by Jackie Bradley Jr. we decided to look at the top five sports records that will never be broken.

5. CY Young 749 Complete Games
This record will never fall in today’s game. Baseball has changed dramatically since the days of CY Young, and it is apparent that this record will never be broken for that reason alone. We can see that it will be almost impossible to find a player that can throw that many complete games. Going beyond that, today’s players are more prone to injuries causing this to be an impossible feat.

4. Barry Bonds 688 Intentional Walks
Lets be honest, steroids or not Bonds was a god among men playing the sport of baseball.  He was the most feared player not only during his time but also, of all-time. When Bonds came to the plate there was only one option in the minds of pitchers and that was to put him on base. Though we may see a player on the same level as Barry Bonds one day. I don’t think we will ever see the astronomical number of intentional walks ever again.

3. Wilt Chamberlain 100pt game
Now if you ask me on some days I would say this record is possible. Especially looking at the players in today’s NBA. The league is extremely soft, and the defense extremely lacking. Though I think that another coming of a Kobe could possibly match this feat. I have to say it is impossible for 4 reasons: Kobe, LeBron, Iverson, Jordan. If none of those guys could match it in the past 25 years of basketball then I have to say I don’t think it can be done.

2. Michael Phelps Medal Record
I do not think we will ever see quite an athlete like Michael Phelps. His determination and his abilities were unmatched. He never let age get the best of him, and he seemed to be timeless in the pool. Though his overall medal total of 22 may be broken some day, his 18 gold medals may stand forever.

1. Joe DiMaggio 56 Game Hitting Streak
This record will never be broken; some of the greatest hitters of all-time have challenged it and have failed. In the top 10 longest hit streaks only two players are from the modern era, Pete Rose and Jimmy Rollins. Both of these players missed the record by way over 10 hits. Most of the players that have challenged it have fell short once reaching 30 games. This feat looks as though it will stand the test of time.



Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eagles Desireable QB Situation

Besides the elite NFL teams, The Philadelphia Eagles have the most ideal quarterback situation. They are paying their QBs the second most out of any team in the league. Other teams around the NFL are jealous of how the Eagles have constructed their quarterback position for the future. Philadelphia has three quarterbacks that other teams will possibly want to start for their team at some point in the season. With Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel, and Carson Wentz the Eagles are positioned to have bright future.

Voluntary organized team activities is underway, and the spirits are high. Since Daniel has been in the same offense the past three years, he can teach it to Bradford and Wentz. Doug Pederson is bringing the west coast offense back to Philadelphia. Combining Bradford's skills with the west coast offense will propel the team. The future quarterback of Philadelphia, Wentz, can sit back and prepare for NFL competition. He will not be ready for a while, and he should not be rushed. Daniel will be ahead of Wentz on the depth chart. The Eagles success this season will be attributed to how tremendous their quarterbacks play.

Sam Bradford had every right to request for a trade, but it was completely irrational for him to think that another team would come to an agreement with the Eagles for him. Bradford says the trade request was his agent's idea; but he is just able to say that because of the large amount of money he pays his agent. He had his chance to seek a contract with another team back at the start of the off-season, but he decided it was best to come back to Philadelphia. Like the rest of the NFL, the Eagles did not think Bradford is a long term solution at quarterback. Number 7 for the Eagles is stuck in Philly, and he must prove to the NFL that he belongs in the league.

The Eagles organization is hoping their quarterbacks can get along. Bradford knows that he has to to play for his future. If he is a top 5 quarterback this season, Sam should not be traded. The City of Brotherly Love will be obsessed with Bradford if he can be a top QB. There is no rush to start Wentz. While Philadelphia wants to see their first round pick start football games, he is not ready. As Sam is learning the offense and getting ready to prove himself this upcoming season, he has to teach a rookie QB how to play in the NFL.
- Pants (Glen)


Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Phuture for the Phillies?

“Can the Phillies actually compete?” This is a question I keep getting asked, and to be honest I don’t have an answer. This Phillies team is extremely interesting, that is because they aren’t good on paper. In reality if you watch a game, it is clear to see that they don’t have the talent to compete in the long run. There are several players that cannot continue to play if the Phillies want to be a playoff team. However, the one thing the Phillies do have is that their division is awful. There is no team in the NL East that is great. Fans and experts constantly say that the Nationals are the team to beat, however lets face it every year they are and every year they lack something. This year it looks like the NL East once again is up for grabs.

The team I picked at the beginning of this season to win it all was the Florida Marlins. Like the Phillies the Marlins are young and have young talent. However, after watching several games it looks like the Marlins are just too young to compete all season. That being said I do not think the Mets will be the powerhouse like they were last season. After watching their play I do not see them lasting the entire season to win the division. This is where the Phillies opportunity lies. The NL East is a mess with the Braves being terrible, Nationals not playing up to expectations, the Marlins being too young, and the Mets struggling pitching.  

This is where opportunity lies for the Phillies. Right now they are getting unbelievable starting pitching and relief from their staff. The bats are coming alive as well, with guys like Herrera and Franco leading the way. Those two hitters and their staff are carrying the Phillies right now. This is leading many experts to say the Phillies should be buyers at the deadlines. Though I agree if they are in a good place at the deadline they should go out and get some more pieces, I do not think they should mortgage the future for it. The Phillies have to be smart making their future decisions with this team.

The Phillies are giving us a taste of the future right now. Though I think they are a few pieces away from being a playoff contender again, I do think they are on their way. They need a better hitting infielder as well as a better right fielder. The team also needs one more quality pitcher in their staff. But, besides those issues the Phillies have truly shocked the world as of right now. If the Phillies can keep their hot streak going, we may see the playoffs soon enough.



Monday, March 28, 2016

Thank You!

As March Madness is winding down, we first want to say congratulations to our friends down Lancaster Ave. Villanova. It has been an amazing season for Jay Wright and his Wildcats, and we wish them all the best. Now that the Hawks season is over, it is time to reflect. Many called this most exciting time on Hawk Hill since the team went undefeated. I could not agree more with that statement. Not only did Phil Martelli’s crew exceed expectations in the win column, but they also made their own little run in March. We can truly tip our caps to a magical season for SJU.

Whether or not DeAndre Bembry stays on Hawk Hill is in the back of everyone’s mind. Bembry led the Hawks to one of the best seasons around for a player and a team. Nobody expected the A-10 POY to actually take his team to the tournament. As most would agree Bemby is the best player in the A-10, however there were questions about his ability to get his team to win. After this season, those questions were thrown to the wayside. Bembry with help from his senior teammates; Miles, Brown, and Papa gave Hawk Hill what they needed. Besides the great play by Bembry, the seniors truly stepped up their game. Whether it was Papa’s amazing performance in the A-10 tournament or Miles big 3 against Cincinnati, the team was always ready to play. Every single one of the players on SJU needs to hold their heads up high, they provided the excitement that has been missing from Hawk Hill.

For a senior getting ready to graduate, I thank the Hawks for making my final year on Hawk Hill exciting. Over four years I saw some heartbreaking moments by this team, but this season was different. Every single moment on the court was exciting to watch. Though I do wish the Hawks were able to pull off a miracle against Oregon, I can say they impressed a lot of people. I will say this a lot of people are saying even if DeAndre stays the team won’t have a good season next year. I disagree, this team can and will make a run next season. Just wait and watch Captain Bembry lead his team to victory once more.     



Friday, March 18, 2016

Hawks - March Madness Preview - - s6e5 3.18.16

As the Hawks are heading into the March Madness, hear a former player from the undefeated team thoughts on this year's team and the play by play announcer preview the game. All leading up to the game against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Chet Stachitas - Former Hawks F 03-04 season

Matt Martucci - Hawks Radio Play by Play Announcer