Friday, January 23, 2015

Lang Lang he's here!

Langston Galloway has officially made himself a player that will stick in the NBA. Galloway was recently given is second 10-Day Contract, and there is no doubt that it will not be his last. Lang, has been dominating as of late on not only the scoring side, but defensively as well as on the rebounding end. The Knicks young Point Guard has proven himself as a key component to the team’s future.

The Knicks are a struggling team and they are not going to compete at any time soon. This provides Langston Galloway with the perfect opportunity to grow and make mistakes. In his past seven games, Langston has averaged around 12pts, 5 rebounds, and 3assists.  The kid has proven himself on every level and has done everything the team has asked from him. Langston fits perfectly in the Knicks triangle style offense, which has helped ease his transition from his playing days with St. Joe’s to his current time with the Knicks.

Since Langston has been placed in the Knicks starting lineup, the team has been 3-0. Langston has proven himself over and over again on this Knicks team. Whether it was the game clinching shot against the Sixers in their last game or putting up 21 points against the Pelicans. Galloway has proven that Hawks can be successful in the NBA. In St. Joe’s terms Langston has the court vision of Jameer and the shooting ability of Delonte in his prime. We here on Hawk Hill are very excited and wish Langston Galloway all the best.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Years Since the Super Bowl... Where is the Eagles Offense today?

It has been 10 years since the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the New England Patriots. It has been 10 years since Philadelphia fans had their hearts broken in that game. We decided to take a look at where the starters from the Eagles high powered offense are today.

Donovan McNabb
The six-time Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb, has been living a pretty good life after football. McNabb currently works for Fox Sports 1 as one of their key football analysts. Donovan can also be heard on some games during the season on Fox as well. McNabb was able to take an excellent career and jump start it into a future as a “football expert.”

Brian Westbrook
The Villanova alumni since his retirement has kept his roots in Philadelphia. Westbrook like McNabb has turned his past NFL success into a very successful television career. Westbrook is currently on Comcast SportsNet and works on Eagles Post-Game Live.

Terrell Owens
Who can forget T.O. one of the main reasons why the Birds were able to compete and become Super Bowl contenders that season. Owens had an extremely successful on-field career, however now he is trying to make an off-the field career. Since his retirement he has had several different shows, as well as being on other shows. T.O. is still trying to find himself without the NFL, and most recently was on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Todd Pinkston
Since his retirement Pinky has done several different things, but mainly he has started a coaching career. Pinkston is currently now coaching at a high school in Mississippi.

L.J. Smith
Smith has not been doing much since his retirement from football. He still resides in New Jersey to this day and he currently owns a Plato’s Closet Franchise. Smith has always wanted to work as his own boss and now he has the opportunity.

Josh Parry
Parry had an good 7 year career with tons of ups and downs. Parry now works with computer software, where he is the COO and Developer at Event Ready. Parry has turned a successful NFL career to a successful business career.

Tra Thomas
Thomas has had a good coaching career with the Eagles since his retirement. Thomas was on Comcast SportsNet for some time until he decided to get back into coaching. He is still currently a coach with the Eagles.

Artis Hicks
Hicks has been trying to make an NFL comeback for awhile now. The injury prone player most recently was in talks with the Dolphins. However, Hicks has made news over the last few months due to the fact that he brought up a lawsuit about painkillers.

Hank Fraley
The former Eagles Center has had a successful coaching career since his retirement from the game. Fraley is currently an assistant OL coach with the Vikings.

Jermane Mayberry
Everyone remembers the half blind OL Jermane Mayberry. Since his retirement he is still involved in the Eagles charities, however he has been living his life peacefully in Texas.

Jon Runyan
Since his retirement Runyan has worked in several different fields, including radio, tv, and politics. Runyan has most recently worked in the House of Representatives in New Jersey.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Friendly Jesuit Match-Up

Saint Joseph’s Hawks pulled away with a win against Fordham Rams. Phil Martelli said himself that if the game was played away, they would not have won. The Hawks broke their four game losing streak. The team stopped feeling sorry for themselves and kept their heads up after being winless the past 26 days. James Demery, Shavar Newkirk, and Aaron Brown earned their first Atlantic 10 win.

Chris Wilson had a career night with 23 total points. Most of his points came from behind the arc. With making five of nine three point attempts. Despite having a noticeable limp in the second half, Wilson scored 12 points. Both DeAndre Bembry and Chris Wilson were six for six from the free throw line, and as a team the Hawks were 19 for 22. Besides free throws, another that factor that separated Saint Joseph’s from Fordham was the amount of second chances. The Hawks had 17 more rebounds than the Rams, which helped them to have 14 second chances.

Recently, the biggest concern for the Hawks has been turning the ball over. Between the Fordham and VCU, the Hawks have 36 turnovers. St. Joe’s knows how to handle the ball. They may not have shooting skills, but they do have ball skills.

In conference play, James Demery is averaging 8.8 points per game. He is also making a positive difference defensively as well. James Demery will be an impactful part of the team moving forward. He has become a valuable piece of the team. Any fan can tell that his confidence has grown by the fact that he has become more assertive. The power that he attacks the rim at is why the initially Hawks offered him a contract.

James Demery can also contribute with strong perimeter defending. It appeared that Demery and Bembry took turns defending Fordham’s best shooter, Eric Paschall. They held him to 16 total points. Perimeter defending was supposed to be one of the stronger parts of this year’s team. The two wing guards have athleticism that St. Joe’s needs to take advantage of. 

- Pants

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Athletic Freshmen: Newkirk and Demery

We have seen the Hawks go against top and sub-par Atlantic 10 competition. No matter who the opponent is, they have been out-played. The Hawks would fall to an early deficit, and then attempt a meaningless comeback. The team is forced to try to find their identity while attempting to comeback. Shavar Newkirk and James Demery are two freshmen that Hawk fans are seeing develop throughout this season.

There is not much of a point in giving Chris Wilson additional senior minutes. Freshman point guard, Shavar Newkirk should be slowly gaining minutes each game in order to prepare Newkirk to start next season. If Newkirk improves each game, he should be starting by the end of the season. Maybe Chris Wilson will be on the bench to start the game, similar to Tay Jones. Number 1 for the Hawks is a tremendous team player. He has the second most steals for the Hawks with 12, behind DeAndre Bembry’s 26. Just like the team, Newkirk’s main issue is finding ways to score. He is too small to play under the rim. Newkirk made his first 3-point shot against George Washington and is now 1 for 15 behind the arc. The freshmen point could become an effective scorer if he develops a jump shot from within the paint.

Unlike Shavar, James Demery is a starter. Being a wing guard, Demery has a similar role on the court as DeAndre Bembry. It appears that at times Coach Martelli has taken James Demery out of the game because of Demery committing typical freshmen mistakes. Demery can be the most explosive player during a game. He attacks the basket with ease. As he gets the feel for college basketball, James will gain confidence. Hawk fans have seen him struggle from under the basket. As he develops, he will be able to play under the rim better. James Demery’s first 3 pointer brought the Hawks into overtime against LIU.

Both Shavar Newkirk and James Demery seem to be enjoying being Hawks. They were part of the past incoming athletic freshmen class. Martelli wants to build his team around athletic players that want to be Hawks. Coach should let Newkirk and Demery play through all of their mistakes. The team will only improve, when they do. Benching potential future Hawk stars will not benefit the team. Martelli has to learn to allow the players to play through their mistakes, especially Newkirk and Demery. These two athletic freshmen will not learn how to shoot on the bench.

The Fordham Rams will come to Hagan Arena on Wednesday. The Hawks and the Rams hope to get their first win in the Atlantic 10. St. Joe’s will not have an easy win this season. It is too early to call the season a wash. The team has talent; they just need to find ways to score.

- Pants

Friday, January 9, 2015

Let Langsanity BEGIN!

Let Langsanity begin in New York City. The former Hawk has been finally given his opportunity to play in the NBA, and he made the most of it. Galloway who had been scoring 16.5 ppg in the D-League, has finally been given his chance to show his scoring ability. Langston has been given a 10-day contract with the Knicks, and it is now apparent that he will be staying in New York City for a long time. The point guard last night showed in his skill in his Madison Square Garden debut, scoring 19 points.

Langston Galloway in his first two games this season has put up 7 and 19 respectively. All Hawks fans knew success was coming for both Ron and Langston, but no one thought Langston would be getting his first NBA minutes before Ronald Roberts. Galloway’s chances of playing with the Knicks was very slim to start the season, however injuries and trades have opened up a chance for Lang to show New York what he can do. Will he be able to keep up scoring 19 points like he did last night, probably not, but don’t be surprised if this is a guy that is scoring at least 10 a game or more. Langston’s career is going to be based off his shooting ability, and as long as his shot stays pure he will be a success. If Langston keeps showing that scoring ability that St. Joe’s fans fell in love with, he will continue to have success in the NBA.

With Galloway’s pure shooting ability it has opened up many chances with the Knicks, now all he has to do is make it impossible for the Knicks to send him back down. If Langston continues to play the way he has he will have unbelievable success in the NBA. Langston said after last night’s game that “he was having fun”, Lang is truly living the dream in the NBA and hopefully his success will continue. This now becomes the waiting game, and we will have to see how he does in his future games with the Knicks organization.