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Friday, August 29, 2014

Predicting Eagles Roster

There has to be 22 cuts by Saturday. These are our projections. The backups have to be effective on special teams.

3 Quarterbacks: Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley
No Surprises here. Hopefully we will not see Barkley during the regular season. It would be moronic to trade Sanchez should for anything but a pair of second round picks. Every team should have two capable starters in case the starting QB goes down. We should have more to say on Sanchez in a blog up next week. It is doubtful Nick Foles will have only 2 interceptions by the end of this year.

4 Running backs: Lesean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Matthew tucker, Henrey Josey
            Chris Polk did not practice much at all due to injuries.

Offensive Lines: LT Jason Peters, LG Evan Mathis, C Jason Kelce, RG Todd Herremans, RT Lane Johnson,
3 Tight Ends: Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, James Casey
            Maybe next year the Eagles roster will have 4 TEs. It is bound to happen under Chip Kelly.
5 Wide Receivers: Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Brad Smith
Defensive Ends: Fletcher Cox, Brandon Bair, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham,
Defensive Tackles: Cedric Thorton, Bennie Logan, Beu Allen, Damion Square
Outside Linebackers: Trent Cole, Connor Barwin, Marcus Smith
Inside Linebackers: Demecco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks,
5 Cornerbacks: Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Brandon Boykin, Nolan Carroll, Jaylen Watkins
Safeties: Malcom Jenkins, Nate Allen, Earl Wolffe, Chris Maragos
3 Special Teams: Kicker Cody Parkey, Punter Donnie Jones, LS Jon Dorenbos,
            Parkey hit a 54 and 53 yard field goal and boomed a kickoff that almost went through the end zone during the last preseason game. He led the College football with touchbacks When Henry missed a 31 yard field goal, he knew his time was done. He was embarrassed. 31 yards was the experimental extra point that the NFL was testing out during one game of the preseason. If Parkey begins to play poorly (like Henry), the Eagles should hold open tryouts or just sign random kickers until someone sticks. This rule should be implemented because the NFL has an abundant of offense. Donnie Jones has a good chance to be an all pro.
10 Practice Squad:, G.J. Kinne, Will Murphy, Kenjon Barner, Trey Burton, Ifeanyi Momah, Ed Reynolds, Taylor Hart
            They recently raised the practice squad to 10 and adjusted the rules. Obviously these players are the odd men out. They could be picked up by other teams before getting signed to the Eagles PS. At least they will make around $310,000. G.J. Kinne should is a versatile QB. He is a utility player for the practice squad. Trey Burton looks like a fun project that could develop into a role player next year. Taylor Hart
Miscellaneous Thoughts Going Into the Regular Season
Hoping for a 5th round pick in his 2nd year to become the starter and beat out a veteran in Nate Allen. It has been five years since Brian Dawkins has left the eagles and five years of not having a solid starting safety duo.

As training camp was starting, there was talk that Evan Mathis wanted more money. But he is  a nice guy so because of that let’s start a bake sale for him. It would have been stupid for him to hold out.

Jordan Matthews is the second round pick and expected 3rd receiver on the depth chart. He might end up being the first WR on the depth chart towards the end of the season. Jordan would be hurdling over Maclin and Cooper.

A 30 year old, Darren Sproles, is supposed to fill the void of DeSean Jackson. Jackson left without anybody in the Eagles organization caring.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Should we be in love with Roy Halladay?

Philadelphia is one of the greatest sports town. We respect you when you give your all in every game. This type of play became associated with former Phillies All-Star and CY Young winner Roy Halladay. Halladay was an unbelievable talent during his career, one of the best to pitch in the last decade but, as Phillies fans do we give him too much credit? Yes, I know Halladay’s career with the Phillies was cut short because of injury, and he was really never able to regain that CY Young form. But, was he really all he was cracked up to be? Now fans want to have him in consideration for the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Roy Halladay obviously had his best years with the Toronto Blue Jays, where he pitched twelve years of his career. While playing for the Blue Jays Halladay won the CY Young award as well as being a six time All-Star. When the Phillies brought Roy to Philadelphia it was expected that he would bring that Blue Jays dominance along, as well as a World Series chance. Halladay pitched amazing for his two of his four years in Philadelphia, winning the CY Young award and being a two time All-Star. Halladay brought excitement to the city with a Perfect Game against the Marlins, and a No- Hitter in the playoffs against the Reds. However, he wasn’t able to help get the team over the hump. Halladay pitched for one of the best Phillies teams record wise, and wasn’t able to win a World Series. This factor will always stick with him and the Phillies, even though he was the key component of the “Four Aces” he wasn’t able to bring Philadelphia another championship, and this factor hurts his legacy in this city. Halladay in the perspective of many Phillies fans is seen as a Saint, a guy that did no wrong in this city. However, I think Halladay shouldn’t be viewed in this way, though he was a great player during his career, he gets too much respect being a Phillie.

In my opinion Phillies fans have overrated the career and work Roy Halladay provided fans in this city. In all honesty, Roy Halladay never lived up to his potential in Philadelphia nor did he ever live up to the contract that he was given. Yes, again I understand his career was cut short in this city and that he pitched through injury. But, that being said he did not pitch up to the contract he was given. I love Halladay as a pitcher and a competitor; I just think he gets too much credit being a Philadelphia Phillie. As Phillies fans we need to take a step back, this guy was no Steve Carlton, no Robin Roberts, and no Jim Bunning; Roy Halladay will never be seen as a Phillie, he will always be a Blue Jay. We as fans cannot claim Halladay as our own.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are you drinking too much Chip Kelly Kool-Aid?

Philadelphia Eagles fans are too proud of head coach, Chip Kelly. They believe that he will make their dream of winning a Super Bowl come true. There is too much hype surrounding Chip Kelly. Eagles fans are not sipping, but chugging the new Chip Kelly flavored Kool-Aid. The Kelly mania has some believing that the Kool-Aid may be spiked. In that case, fans are getting drunk on their own craze. Somewhere in Philadelphia there are kegs of the Chip Kelly Kool-Aid.

It was a special day when the Eagles hired Chip Kelly to be their new head coach on January 16, 2013. Since that day fans have been fixated on Kelly because they knew he would bring new and exciting football to the Eagles. Kelly took over a dreadful squad that went 4-12 in 2012. With basically the same roster he turned the team into a 10-6 NFC East Division Champions. Chip Kelly accomplished this because he is able to adapt. Former Oregon players that are now Eagles can attest to that as the playbook is different than what they knew at Oregon. The Eagles head coach will add a new wrinkle to his offense whenever he believes it will fit and work. He meshed together players that he did not draft with his high octane offense to make one of the best offenses in NFL history and the best in Eagles history. Players were able to have career years because Chip adjusted his scheme to fit the players that were given to him. As Kelly acquires players that are picked by him, we can expect the offense to look entirely different each year.

The greatest NFL minds are searching for a blue print to stop Chip. Defenses have spent the entire offseason scheming to stop Chip’s offense. There is not a soul that can anticipate what play he will concoct next. Chip Kelly is innovating today’s NFL. The only thing that NFL experts and analysts can figure out is that the Eagles are trying to score more points than the other team.

Chip Kelly uses a fast paced no-huddle offense to give the defense less time to think and score quickly. The speed of the no-huddle offense is Chip’s greatest strength and biggest weakness. There is roughly five seconds from the end of one play to the ball being snapped of the next. This creates momentum, which the offense needs to be successful. Without momentum the no-huddle is pointless. The offense is unable to gain momentum without utilizes high completion percentages throws. High percentage throws help keep possession of the ball as the offense moves rapidly downfield. When the ball is under control, the clock is not. If the offense rushes downfield for a touchdown, the defense will be on the field for a large portion of the game. The opposing team has control ball and the clock at that point. Philadelphia’s defense ends up getting winded. They are more vulnerable to a late touchdown in the fourth quarter. That would be a crushing defeat for this young team. If the Eagles are beating up a team, they need to keep on crushing them. Chip should never let his foot off the pedal. The pressure should always be on the opposing team. It is when the pressure is let go that an opponent has a chance to get back in the game.

Last offseason Chip Kelly was the best man for the Eagles’ head coaching job, and he still is. Kelly is a guy that Philadelphia should get behind and support. But, do not put him above the team. He is not the answer to all of Philadelphia’s prayers. Since Chip Kelly has complete control of the Eagles, he is the face of the team. Not any of his players. The sports world is raving about him. Fans come to games to see Chip. If Kelly does win a Super Bowl, he will be the most popular and recognizable figure in Philadelphia.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

What it means to Live and Breathe Philly Sports

McNabb you suck! Iverson get off the court! You’re a bum Burrell! Lindros you’re a loser! These are phrases every Philadelphia sports fan knows all too well. When you’re ours your ours forever. Anybody else you are the enemy. Our love for our athletes is unbelievable. A Philadelphia athlete has to be a specific type of athlete to play in this city and be successful. But once you do something great here, your name will live on forever. Players that play here can lift up the entire city. They can bring together white collar and blue collar workers. You have to be a unique player to play here, and you have to have the ability to let nothing bother you and play your heart out. Shawn Bradley once said about Philadelphia fans, “The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it’s your last one. So, truly what does it mean to be a Philadelphia sports fan

The City of Brotherly love we don’t show too much love for our players, but when we do, they won’t only know it but the whole world will know it. Here we love our teams, our players, and our sports. In this city we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We yell and scream at the players who have done so much for us. Whether it is Donovan McNabb or Allen Iverson, our way of showing love is cursing, screaming, and freaking out at our players. That is because we do not want the best for them but for our city, that is because these players are our family and our lives. No matter what life has thrown at the City of Philadelphia, we have always had sports; the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies to rest our hopes and dreams on. We might not have the most Championships, we might take the back seat to LA and New York with sports success, but no one can say they try harder every season for their teams then the Philadelphia fans do. Philadelphia fans have had bad seasons and rough patches, but we still have hope. We are able to have hope because of our miracles such as 4th and 26, the step-over, or a World Series. We are passionate fans. We love our teams and players. We will believe in you until you prove us to be wrong.  As Billy Wagner said about Philly fans, “Those people, it doesn’t matter how successful you are. I don’t get it. They boo you. They scream at you.”

Philadelphia is a town of hard working individuals, and we expect the same out of our athletes. We want the best for not only them but us as well. We expect you to go out every game and play like it was your last game, if you do that, and with stand our hate you will live on forever in this town. Players like Iverson who played his heart out and gave his all to the city of Philadelphia; to take a team of rag tag guys to a championship and to play with so much heart. A guy like Pat Burrell who tried his hardest, dealt with the hate of Philly fans because he didn’t live up to his potential, but brought us a championship. These are guys that will be remembered in this city and guys we love, because they played their hearts out. Guys with the true Philly attitude, the never quit give 110% are the guys we love. I asked what does it mean to be a Philly sports fan? To live in the City of Brotherly Love? It means to love your team so much that you are willing to hate on them, it means to support your guys to the death, and finally it means to give your all to your city and players, and hopefully they will give it back to you. It takes a special type of player to play here, because we are no ordinary fans, we are Philly fans.